Hot & Cold Spots in My Anthem, NV House; Leaking Ductwork, Malfunctioning AC System & Thermostat Causes

Having a reliable heating and air conditioning system is a comfort to all home owners. Staying cool during the relentless summer heat and keeping warm throughout the bitter chill of winter requires a well maintained system that is regularly serviced and looked after. When a system begins to work improperly it can leave your home inconsistently heated or cooled. Often time’s home owners will experience hot or cold spots throughout their home. Some rooms may get significantly cooler than other rooms in the house, and some areas of the home may always feel quite a bit warmer than the rest of the house. There are steps you can take as a home owner to improve the performance of your system and get your home the temperature you desire in every area.

Ductwork Leakage Testing

One major cause of hot and cold spots throughout a home is leaks in the ductwork. The ductwork is the main avenue in which the conditioned air travels to the inside of your home. When there is a leak in any area of the ductwork, it will affect the temperature of the air that is being pumped into your home. A leak in your home’s duct work will also allow air to escape before it reaches the vents, causing very low or no air flow at all. Inspecting the condition of your ductwork throughout your home will assist in keeping the conditioned air flowing strong and consistently.

Regular Air Conditioning Inspection & Preventative Maintenance

Sometimes low air flow or inconsistent temperatures throughout your home can be the cause of a faulty system, or AC unit malfunction. Having your air conditioning system or furnace regularly inspected will assist in preventing major repairs. Being proactive will save you money in any major repairs down the road, and a professional technician can alert you to any problems with your unit that can be fixed for little cost now, rather than hefty expenses in the future.

Home Thermostat Location

One other common issue that may cause hot and cold spots throughout your home is the location of your thermostat. If your thermostat is located in direct sunlight, then it will register a higher temperature than what is actually present. This will result in your unit not turning on to warm the cool winter air or your unit will run constantly trying to reach a cooler temperature that will never be read on your thermostat. Inspect the location of your thermostat to ensure it can read the real temperature all year around.

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