Hot & Cold Spots in Your Henderson, NV House? Ductwork Problems, Blocked Air Vents & More

Have you noticed that there are spots in your house that are always too hot or too cold? If you have these spots in your home you are not alone. Families across America experience the same annoying problem. You may have tried to fix this problem to no avail. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is going to give you some tips today on how to fix these hot or cold spots that are frustrating you and your family.

Undersized or Oversized AC Unit

There are a variety of different reasons that you may have these hot or cold spots in your home. One very common reason is that your air conditioning unit is simply not the correct size for your home. If your air conditioner is not the right size for your home it can cause your home to be too cold or hot in spots. You may experience this problem if you have added onto your home and have not adjusted your air conditioning system at all. When you add onto your home you will want to have Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning go over your ductwork system with you.

Ductwork Problems

Another reason that you may have hot or cold spots in your home is that your ductwork is not functioning properly. If your air ducts have cracks, leaks, holes, or poor connections it can create these hot or cold spots. Studies show that 20 to 30% of air conditioning problems can be traced back to issues with the ductwork. The first step is to find the issue and then fix it. This is another service that Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning can provide for you.

Blocked Air Vents

The third reason that we are going to talk about is issues with your air vents. If your air vents are blocked your home will not cool or heat properly. Take a look at all of your vents and make sure that none of them are closed or blocked in any way. This simple fix may just solve your problem.

Home Sealing & Insulation

Your windows can also be the culprit for your hot or cold spots. Your windows may not be sealed properly. If this is the case your room will not be able to heat or cool as it should. Walk through your house and take a look at your windows. If the seals on your windows are not sealed tightly you will want to reseal them. You can purchase supplies to reseal your windows at your local home improvement store. The last thing that you will want to check out is your insulation. The insulation in your home may not be evenly distributed throughout your home. You may find that you do not have enough insulation in your home to adequately keep your home the proper temperature.

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Hopefully one of these tips will help you fix the hot or cold spots in your home. If you still end up with these spots in your home Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning can continue to look for other solutions with you. Give us a call today and we can help you get started on solving this problem.