Home Heating Systems Comparison & Why Central Furnace Heating is Best for Houses & Apartments in The Lakes, NV

Regardless of where you live you will need to rely on your heating system at some time of the year. Depending on the temperature you are aiming for the heating unit of your HVAC system to run cooled down air or air that has been heated up throughout your home to the temperature you set. If your heating has become less effective or stops working all together, you’ll need to find out if can be repaired or will need to be replaced.

Home Heating Systems Comparison

Your home will have one of four types of heaters. You’ll need to know which one you have when you need to buy a new one.
Furnace– You most likely have a furnace if you live in an area that has fairly cold temperatures. A furnace works just like a forced central air system and will heat the air using coils. Furnaces can run on gas or electricity and will use the existing duct work and a fan to force the air through the duct and through the house.
Heat Pump– A heat pump doesn’t heat the air but uses electricity to move warm air to a cooler area of your house. In climates were the temperatures get very low this isn’t the best option. There are two different types, one is attached to your house and will push the air through your duct work, the other is a geothermal pump that is on the ground and uses natural heat from the earth.
Boiler– A boiler is a system that is central and will utilize pipes to send air through the home. The heat comes through pipes in the floor or through radiant heat. There are boilers that will use heated water or steam to get the air in your home nice and warm.
Packaged Unit– Many homes have this unit installed. These are more common in areas where temperatures don’t get very low. This unit is installed on the outside of the home and has everything you need to cool or heat your home.

How to Make a Gas Central Furnace Heating More Efficient

Upgrade your thermostat– Even through it’s small, your thermostat is a big part of you HVAC system and can be upgraded for more efficiency.
Install weather stripping– Heat can seep out through cracks around doors and windows which means lost energy. Weather-stripping will keep the heat inside your home.
Use ceiling fans– Ceiling fans can do a lot to move air through your home and will limit how much you’ll need to use your HVAC system.

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The best thing you can do to ensure you don’t have any heating problems is to have regular maintenance done. This is important if you want your furnace to work effectively and efficiently. Contact the experts at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to ensure your heating system is working correctly.