History of Air Conditioning; Life Without A/C

Imagine that your AC was out? You would probably look up a company as fast as possible to get someone out to fix it. You would find somewhere else to wait so you didn’t have to wait in the heat while the technician comes out. Now imagine that you lived before AC was ever invented. Right! Be grateful that you weren’t but let’s see what creative ways people came up with to try and stay cool in the heat of the summer.

This Old House; Air Conditioning

The Build: the people that could afford to build a home in a way that was most suitable for this weather they would build higher ceilings. They also made sure that the windows were abundant and were often placed to be sure that they could be open and allow air to move through. When the rooms were stuck with a low ceiling and low windows they would become sticky and hot.

The people that didn’t have money to build their home with higher ceilings or with the amount of windows that were needed to help move the air, would find ways to be in the breeze different ways. They usually would build larger decks and porches. They would make sure that the porch extended around the entire house. The reason was that it was hotter sitting in the home then it was sitting under the shade of the porch. As the sun rolled through the sky they could move around the porch to stay shaded. They would often bring out cots to sleep on until the weather cooled off.

Swimming Pool Air Conditioning Design?

Pools: There were still many homes that didn’t have a high ceiling and windows and they didn’t have a porch to sit on. These people had to come up with other ways to keep themselves cooled off. A lot of people would spend the day in the water to keep their body temperature down.

Fans and Sleep: if the above options were not available to a person, the last options were to walk around with a manmade fan that was pointed toward the face to try and move the air or to try to sleep the day away. This made it so that during the hot day they would stay in the shade and sleep and wake up when the sun went down to take care of whatever they needed to.

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