Heating Troubleshooting in Las Vegas, NV; Furnace Making Scraping or Banging Noise, Blowing Cold Air & More

There are lots of things that mean the cold weather is here. There is of course the start of the shopping and holiday activities. Then you start using the heater in the house to keep your family feeling warm. The house stays warm through the winter by using your heater or furnace. There are many types of heating elements and you want to make sure that you care for and maintain them properly. When you start to have problems with your heater it is important to have a professional out to repair it so that you can stay warm.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Offers Tips for Troubleshooting Furnace Problems

Furnace Making Scraping Noise: You want to make sure that you use your hearing to listen for some of the first signs that there is a problem with the furnace. A complaint that people have with their furnace is when they start to hear a scraping sound. The main reason that your furnace is making this sound is because of the blower wheel. This is a component that is needed to move the air and the first and most common problem is when the wheel becomes loose. This will cause the wheel to hit the sides of the casing and that will make the sound that you don’t want to hear. The other problem that could be causing the sound is when the wheel has a piece that is broken or damaged. A bent fan blade will hit the sides and that will also cause it to scrape. You want to make sure that you call out a professional immediately and turn off the furnace.
Furnace Bangs When it Starts: The other problem that sometimes people will overlook is when the unit turns on it makes a loud bang. The reason that it can be overlooked is because it only occurs when they turn on. The problem is that it could be a problem that should be looked at right away. The main reason that this starts is when there is dust that is building up on the igniter. This means that more gas fills the area while the light struggles to ignite. This will then cause the loud bang that you do not want to be hearing.
Furnace Blowing Cold Air: The one thing that you want your furnace to do is to heat the house. You set your thermostat to a particular degree. Then you let it go and the house will raise up to that level. When you realize that the heat is not coming out and it is cool then you have a problem. This is not a problem that you want to let go and most people realize that you need to call out a professional. The problems are endless and some of them are the thermostat, filters and heating element.

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