Heating Preventative Maintenance Tips in Las Vegas, NV; Ductwork Evaluation, System Cleaning & Lubing, Furnace Inspection & More

When it comes to properly caring for your home, there is truly much to do, luckily, simply keeping up on maintenance to your home is a year round job, and is never ending. The HVAC system is important that it gets its maintenance. Just before you are ready to start using the heating system, it is important to get a professional to perform maintenance service on your heating system.

Heating Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Today we at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to share some of the tasks completed during our heating maintenance service.
Ductwork Evaluation. We search for leaks, gaps, cracks, crinkles, and other air duct damage. If air leaks from your air ducts, it will cause increased energy costs and increased energy costs. Having a professional inspect your ductwork will guarantee the overall performance of your heating system.
Comprehensive Cleaning, Tightening, and Lubing. Your heating system will naturally accumulate dust, dirt, and grit over time, especially during the off months. With the buildup, it will interfere with operation, hinder sufficient operation, and decrease energy efficiency. Additionally, the nuts, bolts, belts, and so on within mechanics can become loosened as well as dry. During a maintenance service, our specialists will clean the components, tighten the hardware, and lube where necessary. Along with the internal cleaning, we will wipe down any external dust and debris and recommend any debris and clutter that needs to be removed away from the heating system.
Furnace Inspection. Inspecting your furnace is needed accompanying your heating systems.
• Inspect to make sure your furnace’s pilot light is burning. Refer to your manual if flame is distinguished as some are designed to relight.
• We check and clean filter of all dirt and debris as well as view the blower and follow suit if there is dirt and debris present.
• Blower motor lubricated.
• Remove the flame shield on probe for corrosion. The flame with the fan both running and switched off is inspected to confirm performance.
• Flue is inspected. If you should notice gaps or dents, correct the issue immediately and make sure there is proper ventilation to the outdoors.
• All air registers around your home should be vacuum.
• Check the vents, and make sure they are free from clutter.
Inspecting Air Filters. Air filters need to be inspected once a month as well as cleaned and replaced as needed or every 3 months accordingly. If the air filters are accumulated with dirt and grit, the efficiency of your overall unit is not up to par, straining your system and causing your utility bills to rise.

Heating Inspection, Troubleshooting, Emergency Repair & Preventive Maintenance in Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Keeping up on your heating system is equally important as your air conditioning system. With Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning performing a heating maintenance service, we can ensure your heating is up to par, energy efficient, and keeping you comfortable before temperatures drop. If your home’s heating system is in need of a heating system maintenance service, contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning today to get started!