Heating Mistakes in Winchester, NV; Closing Doors & Vents, Heat Loss, Relying on Other Sources & More

Regardless of where you live in the country, the coldest months are upon us. Many homeowners are doing all they can to keep their home warm and heating costs down. Your heating system accounts for the largest part of your utility bill. Try as you might, you may come across misinformation that leads you the wrong way in your efforts to save money. You may have heard closing doors to rooms that are unused will conserve energy. This is not true, along with other false statements that you’ve heard. These false statements will have you spending more money that you have to, and no one wants that!

Heating Mistakes Homeowners Make During Winter

1. Turning up the heat. There are no shortcuts when you want to get your home warm. Your heater only has one speed. Cranking up the temperature will not get your home warm quicker. All it does is put added strain on your heating system which leads to premature wear and tear and higher utility bills
2. Heat loss through windows, doors, roof, floor & more. Cold air will find any way to get into your home. Gaps around windows and doors and puts a strain on your heating system. You are letting warm air that you spent money to warm escape. Replace weatherstripping and install draft stoppers to keep the warm air inside.
3. Closing doors and vents. While it seems to make sense that closing doors to unused rooms will save you money, all it does is put extra pressure on the heating system and obstructs airflow. Leave the doors to unused rooms open to avoid an increase in your heating bill.
4. Relying on other sources of heat. If you’re not feeling as warm as you’d like, you may turn to your fireplace or a space heater. These are great sources of heat, but you should only use them with your heating systems instead of using them as your only source of heat. And if they aren’t used correctly, they can become fire hazards.
5. Heating at the wrong times. You can waste money when you allow your furnace to run all the time. Giving the furnace a rest can reduce your utility bill. Take advantage of a programmable thermostat to set a schedule that will run at a lower temperature when you are away from home or asleep. The right settings can reduce your utility bill as much as 10%.
6. Expecting the heating system to do all the work. Your heater can’t do its job if there are other issues plaguing your home. Structural issues in the home may be the reason your furnace can’t get beyond 68 degrees when you have it set to 70. You need to consider leaky ductwork or leaks around windows and doors.

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Avoiding these mistakes will ensure your heating system works efficiently. You should also have annual maintenance done by a professional who can diagnose and catch problems early to avoid major repairs down the road. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning has highly trained HVAC technicians to inspect, repair, and replace your furnace. Call us to schedule service today!