Health Problems from Dirty & Moldy Air Ducts in Winchester, NV; Need for Air Duct Inspection & Cleaning

Let’s face it. We live in the desert and when the wind blows so does the dirt. You can dust the house and a few hours later its like you have haven’t touched a horizontal surface in weeks, months or whatever. It’s frustrating. But stop and think where all that airborne dust goes? Into the AC, heat pump or furnace return. There a lot of things carried into the home or that are breeding in your home already. If your air vents show discoloration from dirt, remember it got there by traveling down your duct work. It may be time for a scrubbing. Those who are allergy suffers now may a good time before the spring hay fever season is on us. Pollen, viruses, bacteria, molds and dust mites to name a few that attack the vulnerable with disease and allergies.

Health Problems from Dirty & Moldy Air Ducts

When the flu season hits, many are airborne and are inhaled. But if they’re in the air where is one place they do go, into the return. If the flu spreads rapidly or you are continuing to experience flu like symptoms throughout your family the air ducts maybe to blame.
Mold in the ducts where they are exposed to moisture or leaks can be a big-time health hazard. You will want molds and mildew eradicated. Probably not a big deal in our dry heat unless you have a single stage evaporative cooler.

Need to Get Rid of Dust Mites & Pests in Air Ducts

Dust mites are small critters that live off our and our pets shed skin and hair. Dust mites eat all of this stuff. As such in small numbers they are beneficial. But if they breed and get out of hand is when they become a problem. Their waste dries and becomes airborne and cause devastation with those who suffer allergies. But it is the airborne part that contaminates duct work, and then re-contaminates your living environment. Other household pests leave their calling cards as well. They AC/Furnace systems do a stellar job of policing up the debris and detritus that we all shed. But whatever gets past the filter takes up homesteading in our duct work. Filters are good and catch the big stuff, but they do have to let enough air to get the flow needed to send that hot or cool depending on the season, throughout your home.

HVAC Air Duct Inspection

Duct work is the arteries of the air conditioning system. Hot or cold that air must pass through ducts to be distributed across your habitat. Duct cleaning not only takes care of the dirt but allows for inspection of the ducts. Many modern installations use wire and plastic in lieu of the older metal ducts. These are good for 30+ years but the valley heat can cause deterioration and leaks. Cleaning then allows for inspections and thus sealing or replacement.

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With the vents and registers spic and span clean you will be able to face the coming spring allergy season with the knowledge that your own air system is no longer betraying you. Consider having air ducts cleaned during the off-season. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning can handle all your HVAC, air quality and air duct needs. Call us today!