Health Problems Associated with Air Ducts; Professional Air Duct Cleaning Removes Moisture & Mold in Las Vegas NV

Finding mold in your HVAC system is a common concern for homeowners. Mold thrives in warm moist areas and it can grow quickly making you and your family sick. One of the quickest ways to spread mold through your home is through your heating and air system. The environment within your home has a lot to do with the presence of mold. Mold prefers humid weather and while you may never completely eradicate mold, you can control it. Mold needs moisture and food to be prolific, take those two elements away and the mold goes away with it.

HVAC Inspection Report

According to studies performed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) your HVAC system should be routinely inspected for mold and moisture. A professional heating and air company such as Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will inspect drains and condensate pans to make sure they are draining correctly. If there is a blockage, the resulting blockage will soon turn into the perfect petri dish for mold growth. HVAC technicians will also ensure that are ducts and other system components including air handlers and blowers are also clear of any signs of moisture.

Does Air Duct Cleaning Prevent Health Issues?

There have been a number of documented examples of contaminated air ducts posing health risks. When you think about it, the air duct system in your home serves as a distribution center for cooled or heated air to each individual room. Therefore it makes perfect sense than your air duct system can also distribute contaminants throughout your home. While household dust is certainly normal, your air ducts will benefit from a regular Air Supply Heating & Air professional air duct cleaning.

Insulated Air Ducts

As a homeowner you are probably familiar with air ducts that are constructed of sheet metal. Many newer homes are constructed with fiber glass duct board or sheet metal ducts that are lined on the inside with a liner made from fiber glass. ome of the benefits of insulated air duct material include:
• Improved temperature control
• Energy conservation
• Reduced condensation

Removing Moisture & Condensation from Air Ducts

Researchers agree that moisture should not be present in your air ducts. Moisture and dirt both contribute to the potential for contaminants to form and be distrusted throughout your home. While controlling moisture is still the most effective way to prevent the growth of mold and other issues, keeping your air ducts professionally cleaned will also prevent illness and keep you and your family safe from exposure!

Moisture can be controlled by:

• Correct any water leaks and remove any standing water
• Ensure drain pans slope towards drains
• Humidifiers should be regularly cleaned and properly maintained
• Air handling units should be properly maintained with direct access to drain pans for correct cleaning.
• Fiber glass and insulation material that is wet or has a strong odor should be removed and replaced by your Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning professional.

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