Harmful Effects of Household Cleaning Products & How to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution in The Lakes, NV

It seems that health is on people’s minds more and more these days. With the threat of illness around every corner you want to ensure that your family is safe. The only place you can be sure that you have a healthy space is your own home. Outside of your house there is nothing you can do to completely avoid germs that could make you ill. Your home can be cleaned and sanitized so that you are not spreading germs all over your home and to your loved ones. The one area that you might not think about is the air in your home. The air can be full of pollutants that can start to make your family sick. The air is a big part of how you feel in your home and how healthy your family can be. Changing out your filters is one way to keep good air quality but also you want to know what you might be doing to pollute your air as well. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning outlines what you may be doing to pollute your home’s air.

Harmful Effects of Household Cleaning Products

One of the things you might be doing that you think is a good idea is to use cleaners that have scent in them. These cleaners are found all over the place and can seem to be a great idea but there are things about them that are problematic to the air in your house. They have an additive to them that can get in the air and can cause indoor pollution. You want to try and avoid using the scented cleaners around your house and use natural products. They can still get the job done and clean your house and not send harmful contaminants in the air that can disrupt the air quality in your house.

Acceptable Indoor Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Levels

Now with more and more people staying at home and spending time together home improvement projects are a top priority. More families are taking on tasks that have been overlooked or not done because there was never enough time. Now that many places have closed businesses and people are concerned about their health you can start some projects around the house that you need to do. We know that a top project is to paint your home. The paint that you are using can and usually will emit harmful chemicals into the air. The best thing you can do is to air the house out and to make sure that the empty paint is disposed of right away. Even the empty cans can still send out chemicals that can be harmful.

Indoor Air Pollution Can Come from Aerosols

You might think that aerosol is out and no one is using them anymore. The interesting thing is that there are lots of aerosol sprays that people are still using in their homes. You want to take a look at your hairspray and air fresheners that you are using. If they are aerosol just know that they can be effecting your overall air quality.

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