Goals & Benefits of Energy Audits in Rhodes Ranch, NV; Find Air Leaks, Improve Efficiency & More

There are many different services that we offer here at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning. One of the services that some of our customers do not know that we offer is an energy audit. We can send one of our technicians out to see how energy efficient your home is and give you suggestions on how to increase the energy efficiency of your home. There are many different benefits to having an energy audit performed at your home.

Energy Audit Goals

The purpose of an energy audit is to help uncover hidden problems you may be having with your heating and air conditioning system. Issues with your heating and air conditioning system are hard to detect without the proper knowledge. Our technicians are experts that are adept at finding and fixing any problems that may be in your home.

Energy Audits Find Air Leaks

One of the major reasons that homeowners want to have an energy audit performed is to help lower their utility bills. If your home is losing the hot or cold air that your heating and air conditioning is pumping into your house your energy bills will be more expensive. Insulation leaks are one of the main reasons that this is happening. An energy audit can help you find and fix insulation leaks so that you can lower your energy bills. There may be many different spots that we can better seal your HVAC system to help fix this problem.

Improved Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency

When your energy audit is complete we will give you different ideas on how to get your heating and air conditioning system in excellent working order. Getting those things taken care of will not only lower your energy bills as state above, it will also make your home more comfortable for you and your family. Many people find that they are able to keep their homes at a temperature that would have been too expensive before. Everyone in your house will thank you for a more comfortable temperature!

Increased Home Value

Making your home more energy efficient will make the value of your home increase. If you go to sell your home you will be able to list it for a higher price because of the improvements that you make after your energy audit. Buyers will be more likely to go with your home over a home that is less efficient.

Less Indoor Air Pollution

Over the years many people have becoming increasingly interested in decreasing environmental damage and pollution. This interest is the direct result of more information being available about air pollution. When your home is more energy efficient you will damage the environment less and create less air pollution as well. You can feel good about yourself knowing that you are doing your part to go green.

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In addition to all of the benefits listed above of having an energy audit you can also extend the amount of time that your heating and air conditioning system will last. When your heating and air conditioning system is running efficiently it will definitely last longer. If you are ready to have an energy audit performed at your house give Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call! We can send one of your amazing technicians out to your home today to get your unit running efficiently before the hot weather really sets in for the summer.