Gas Furnace Pilot Light Goes Out Occasionally in Henderson, NV; Bad Thermocouple, Yellow Flame & More

Most people want to make sure they have a nice warm place to be when the weather starts to cool off. The cold is something you might be excited about and ready for but you still want to be able to go home and have a warm place to hang out and spend some time. The great thing is that you have a furnace in your house that as long as it is working right will keep your family warm. Many furnaces use natural gas to create the heat that is then sent through your house. You want to make sure you know when there is an issue with your heater and what you can do about it. One of the common factors that come with a gas heating unit is that there is a pilot light that you need to be aware of. The pilot light is something you want to know if it is healthy and if it is working properly. Of course the whole unit needs to be working but the pilot light is something that can stop working properly and you want to know when it is in need of repair. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning outlines what you need to know about your furnace pilot light.

Yellow Flame on Gas Furnace

When it comes to a heating unit that uses natural gas they will have a pilot light that is there to act as a way to ignite the gas when the valve is open. This occurs when heat is needed to send through the house. The pilot light can be looked at and you can see if it has the correct color. The flame should be a full and healthy blue color. If you have a pilot light that is not blue but it has started to become yellow or orange you need to have your heating unit looked at the and the pilot light adjusted. The flame being the wrong color is often a sign that the gas that is feeding the flame is not being fed out properly.

Bad Gas Furnace Thermocouple

The gas that is feeding the flame needs to be adjusted to the right level so that you have a healthy pilot light. One of the issues that you might find is that when you have a flame that is not functioning right your thermocouple will recognize the issue and this will lead to it shutting off the gas to the unit. This is a way to protect your home and your heating unit. The thermocouple can be damaged and be reading the pilot light or other temperatures wrong and sending the wrong signal. It is best to have it repaired by a professional.

Dirty Furnace Pilot Light

Another problem that could be causing your pilot light to not work properly is when there is dirt and debris near the light. The path for the actual light as well as the gas line needs to be kept clean and clear. If there is any type of buildup you want to make sure that the area has been cleaned properly and by a professional.

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