Furnace Troubleshooting in Sunrise Manor, NV; No Heat, Blowing Cold Air, Not Igniting, Turning On or Working & More

The season is here and the weather is cold enough that the heater is going to be kicking on. The chill in the air is a great change from a long summer. To keep your home at a level that is comfortable when the temperatures dip outside your heating system needs to be in tip top shape. If you start to have troubles with the heater your home can become just as cold as it is outside if not more. The best thing you can do is to know what some of the most common problems are. You want to be sure that you can identify the issue when you call a professional out. You can always have your heating system inspected so that any potential issues are found and repaired before there is a problem.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Outlines the Most Common Heating Problems & How to Repair Them

Strange Furnace Noises: One of the noises you might hear when you start your heating system is scraping. The scraping sounds are usually from a few different options that all need to be addressed. If the heating system is left on and the sound continues it could cause more damage. The first problem could be due to the blower wheel that has to have enough space to rotate. If the wheel becomes loose from the casing it can start to hit the walls. The blower wheel can be bent or the motor mount is broken. Whining noises are another sound that people will often hear when the heating system starts. This can be annoying to hear but can also be a problem that needs to be addressed. The sound can often come from a loose belt that is slipping. Some of the other reasons are more maintenance related and could be low on oil. If you hear any strange noises you want to be sure that they are inspected and repaired right away.
Strange Furnace Odors: Another problem that you might find when you start to use your heater is the odors. The heater should work without any sounds or odors. If you are smelling anything odd when your heater is on then you need to have it repaired. These could all be signs of problems and some of them are quite serious. One smell is when the dust on the heating coils are burned off. This will usually only happen when the heating system is very first turned on. If the smells stops after a few minutes then you should not have to worry about it. Another smell that you might notice from the heating system is rotten eggs. This is the smell that you never want to smell from any gas ran appliance. The natural gas that is ignited to start the heating process can sometimes leak. The gas has no odor or color which makes it very dangerous. The addition of the smell is added to the gas by your local gas company. This is to help you identify a leak. You want to air out the house and also turn off the unit as soon as possible.

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