Furnace Size Calculator; What Size Furnace Do I Need for a 2000 or Other Square Foot Home in Las Vegas, NV & What BTU?

With the cold days here, many home and business owners have already gone through their furnaces and completed many of the maintenance and energy efficient services. But what if you have discovered that your furnace is on its way out or it’s already beyond repair? Now you’re stuck in the cold. The next major step is to know how to replace your furnace. You will need to know what size and how much BTU’s your home or business building will need for efficient heating of the building. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will explain how to shop for a new furnace.

Furnace Size Calculator; What Size Furnace Do I Need for My Square Footage Home & What BTU?

Regardless if you’re replacing an outdated or a broken furnace, you must have one that efficiently heats your home or commercial building properly. Furnaces are built to heat up each home or building by the square footage. First step in shopping for a new furnace is to know the amount of square footage your home or commercial building has. Then you will need to determine whether or not you have good insulation. Poor insulation might require a furnace that has more power. British Thermal Units (BTU) is a measurement that determines the thermal energy output. Another step of determining what size furnace to get for your home is knowing how much BTU will be required to heat the space of the building. For every 1000 square foot you need to heat, you will need 30,000 BTU output.

Furnace Type & Size; Insulation Factor

However there are some factors you should also consider. One is the age of your home. Older homes were built with poor insulation, which means you will need more BTU’s to help it stay warm. Another determination is the number of windows and doors the home and building has. Are they properly sealed with good weather stripping? Are the windows allowing a lot of sunlight to help naturally heat up the home? The larger the building and home, the more energy it will require to heat up.

Geographic Location Determines Furnace Requirements

Location plays another major part. Luckily here in Nevada, we don’t endure freezing temperatures like they do up north so we won’t require extra heating needs since we don’t have much snow to contend with. Since you’re replacing an outdated or broken furnace, make sure you pick a new one that is more energy efficient. They might seem like more money but in the end, it will help you save on your power bills. Over time it will be well worth the investment.

Professional VS DIY Furnace Installation

Your next question about replacing a furnace is whether or not to use a technician or to try and do it yourself. If you’re very familiar with furnaces and how they get installed safely then there is no need for a technician. However a HVAC technician knows the latest and best quality furnaces. We can help determine some of those puzzling questions like how many BTU’s you will need and whether or not you may need extra heating power for your home. We will also install your new furnace properly and make sure there are no other unforeseen failures with your heating system.

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Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning can help you with determining your furnace’s size, and get it installed properly. We can get your home comfortably warm in no time at all. Call us today if your furnace needs replacing or repair this winter.