Furnace Humidifier Installation Pros & Cons in Spring Valley, NV; Improve Health, HVAC Performance & More

You might be surprised to learn how your HVAC unit can improve a person’s health. One of the common health problems that most people suffer from in Nevada is dehydration, since Nevada is a desert with really hot dry summers. Many will have severe to minor levels of dehydration. Now you might be thinking, well yes your HVAC unit helps to keep people cool. Additionally people can drink plenty of water. As these two things do help fight dehydration, there is a third method that can help fight dehydration and improve indoor air quality. Installing a humidifier is a third and additional method to help add moisture to the air. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share all of the benefits of installing a humidifier and how it improves your home’s atmosphere and health.

Benefits of a Furnace Humidifier

– Dry air can cause dry throats, and even cause or aggravate respiratory problems. In fact researchers have concluded that inadequate humidity in the air during cold weather is one of the leading contributors to respiratory infections. During the hot seasons, dry air can trigger cold symptoms where people suffer from dryness of the nasal membranes, the throat and bronchial tubes which lead to many colds. Of course the one way to counteract the affects of dry air is installing a humidifier onto your furnace. This helps add moisture to the air all year long. Especially here in Nevada we spend most of our time in our home with only a few short times during the year where we will go outside or even open up our windows to let the natural air inside which helps bring in the natural moisture in the air. This is why here in Nevada it really helps to have a humidifier.
– The moisture in the air doesn’t just help our health and fight physical issues it also helps indoor air quality. Dry air helps to promote growth of bacteria, viruses and respiratory irritants. Adding moisture to the air has been known to help the human’s body immune system defend against these air borne problems.
– Research suggests that the humidity in the air does affect human comfort. The air around us absorbs moisture from people, animals and even furniture; it will absorb anything with moisture inside of it. This is why people that are exposed to a lot of dry air will suffer from dry skin, dry eyes, and nose that lead to some minor but problematic health problems. By providing the air with a natural point of saturation it is trying to reach, this will help prevent this dehydration affect on our bodies.
– Additionally, your home will also benefit since a lot of our homes are made and furnished with wood. Adding moisture into the air will prevent the wood framing, floors, cabinets, and other furniture from drying and cracking. Some signs that your home is suffering from dryness is a lot of static charge throughout the home, and of course cracking and splitting of wood.

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Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning can help control your home’s moisture or humidity levels. See how our humidifier and dehumidifier services can help relieve you and your family of the effects of dehydration. Contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to aid you in relieving the dryness of your home’s air today.