Furnace Filter Replacement Schedule in Silverado Ranch, NV & What Happens if You Don’t Change it Often!

Have you checked your furnace filter yet this winter? Better yet, has it been changed during this winter season? Most people don’t change their furnace’s filter at the start of the cold season so as to ensure proper air flow and efficiency. For those who may not have checked their furnace filter recently, Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will explain why it is important to change the furnace filter and when it should be done. Additionally, we’ll walk you through the steps of changing the furnace filter.

Why You Need to Change Your Furnace Filters

The furnace air filter is a rather simple task and is an inexpensive job that aids in the performance on the heating system of your HVAC unit. During regular tune ups, most HVAC technicians will replace the furnace filter to ensure the filter is new, clean, and allowing proper air flow. The furnace air filter helps to maintain proper indoor air quality, improve efficiency, and the overall health of your furnace. If the filters become clogged, it prevents proper air flow which forces the furnace to work harder. This results in a much higher heating bill. In addition, the filter is designed to capture the various contaminates in your home. Once the filter becomes clogged, more contaminates will remain behind and circulate inside your home.

How to Tell if Furnace Filter Needs Changing

It is recommended you have your furnace tuned up in the fall before the winter season sets in. During a professional HVAC tune up the filters of the furnace are usually changed out. However, this doesn’t mean the furnace filter is good until next fall. There are a number of factors that determine how often the furnace filter may need to be changed. Here in Southern Nevada we have a lot of dust storms that affects the filter. Other factors, such as pets, are another major contributor for filter clogs. As a general rule of thumb, the furnace’s filter should be checked once a month to inspect the condition of the filter. Make a note of the time it needs to be changed to help you track your furnace filter needs.

How to Change Furnace Filter

Changing furnace filters is a simple job that often gets forgotten. Nonetheless, it is essential in order to properly maintain your furnace’s function and efficiency. Here are the basic steps to changing your furnace’s filter.
Step 1. Make sure to get the right size filter.
Step 2. Start by turning off the power to the furnace at the breaker or the power system.
Step 3. Open the filter panel which is typically located at the bottom of the unit.
Step 4. The panel will reveal a compartment where you should see the filter resting.
Step 5. Remove the old filter and replace it with a new and then shut the filter panel.
Note: Makes sure to place the filter in the right direction. There are usually arrows indicating which direction the filter needs to go. It’s that easy to replace you furnace filter.

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