Furnace Failure Troubleshooting in Peccole Ranch, NV; What Causes Furnaces to Stop Working & More

Nothing is worse than a furnace breakdown on the coldest day of the year. A functioning furnace provides heat in our home, so we can be comfortable. Knowing what the most common issues are will allow you to take the right steps, so your home can remain warm and cozy for the rest of the winter season.

Signs of Furnace Failure

When you’ve lived in your home for a while you will notice strange smells or sounds that just aren’t right. These small changes can turn into big problems quickly if they aren’t addressed. Continuing to use your furnace when things don’t seem right is a recipe for disaster. The most common indications that your furnace is having issues include: low heating temperature, inconsistent temperatures, frequent cycling, irregular airflow and low indoor air quality. Another indication that there’s a problem are increased energy costs. However, these can also be caused by leaky air ducts, an incorrectly sized furnace and poor insulation.

What Can Cause a Furnace to Stop Working

1. Incompatible or faulty furnace thermostat. A thermostat that is incompatible or faulty, won’t stop your furnace from working but it will affect how it operates. Check the thermostat when you start to have issues with your furnace for a quick way to determine is it’s the problem- Checking the thermostat first will save you time in checking the other common issues.
2. Furnace pilot light failure. Furnaces have a pilot light or electrical ignition system. If it malfunctions, it will affect the way it operates. A gas-fueled furnace cannot work properly when the pilot light or electrical ignition system fails because it will not be able to ignite the burners that produce heat. The best way to keep the pilot light or electrical ignition switch working correctly is to check it at least once a year.
3. Blower furnace motor failure. The blower motor, also called the fan motor circulates air throughout your home. If it stops working, your furnace will still ignite, but the blower motor will not be activated, and air will not be circulated through your home. The blower motor is just one part of a system of components. If it starts to act up, the other components will too.
4. Fuel supply issues. An inadequate supply of fuel or issues with the fuel supply line can impact the performance of furnaces that are fueled by natural gas. Gas is toxic and should only be addressed by professionals.
5. Dirty or clogged furnace air filters. Your furnace has air filters. These filters prevent dust, pollen and other airborne particulates from circulating throughout your home. They also make sure your furnace works efficiently. The efficiency of your furnace can be impacted in a negative way when these filters become dirty or clogged. Check them regularly to make sure they are clean and replace them as needed.

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If you enjoy a warm home during the winter, then furnace maintenance is important. Maintenance by a qualified professional will have issues identified early to avoid an unexpected and inconvenient failure and expensive repairs in the future. You will also enjoy lower energy bills and a longer lasting system. Give Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call to schedule your furnace maintenance today!