Furnace Blower Motor Troubleshooting in Enterprise, NV for Overheating, Excess Moisture & More

During the winter, the furnace will run multiple times each day, working hard to keep the inside of the home warm. Throughout the winter season, and as the furnace continues to work hard to keep the home warm, a number of different components will begin to wear down. One of the first components to wear down is the blower motor. As the blower motor begins to wear down and then fail, it will develop symptoms or warning signs. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will cover some of the common symptoms of a failing furnace.

Belt Driven VS Direct Drive Furnace Blower Motor

To properly read the signs that the blower motor is failing, it is important to know which type of blower you have. There are two types of furnace blower motors. One is belt driven, which is a direct drive motor. This type of blower motor means the direct drive motor is connected to the furnace’s blower wheel directly. The direct drive motor is one of the most common types of motor blowers in gas fueled furnaces. For those who have a gas furnace, there is a high chance you have this type of blower motor. The second type of blower motor is the belt drive blower motor. Belt drive motors are less common in residential furnace systems and are most often found in commercial furnaces. However, there are a few residential furnaces that may have a belt drive blower motor. A belt drive motor has a pulley that is connected to the fan’s pulley that rotates the fan blades. Both types of blower motors have a life span of 15 to 20 years. However, over time, the blower motor will begin to wear down. They will begin to develop certain symptoms, primarily overheating or excess moisture.

Overheating Blower Motor

When a blower motor begins to fail, one of the most common symptoms is overheating. When a blower motor overheats, it will damage the electrical windings and overheat the bearings. When the blower motor overheats, often the furnace will short out and the breaker will trip. Another symptom of overheating is total bearing failure. To overcome and prevent the blower motor from overheating, proper maintenance is required which includes cleaning and lubricating the motor. Cleaning out the motor blower is important. As dirt builds up inside the motor, the air flow is restricted. If neglected, the blower motor will overheat. Without proper lubrication, along with cleaning, you can cause the motor to seize and burn up. To prevent overheating make sure to have the furnace tuned-up once a year.

Excess Moisture

Excess moisture is another common cause of blower motor failure. When excess moisture begins to drip and comes in contact with the electrical system of the blower motor, it can fry the motor. Excess moisture can be brought on for a few different reasons. One is the presence of a leak from the A-coil drainage system. Another source of excess moisture can be condensation building up inside the air ducts which drips in the vestibule and makes its way to the motor.

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