Function of Compressor in Air Conditioning System in Paradise, NV; Troubleshooting Guide & AC Repairs

When it comes to appliances in your home there are some that most people cannot seem to be able to live without. You need a fridge to keep your groceries cool all week. The dishwasher is heaven sent and of course the top of the line is the air conditioner. People love to be comfortable and Mother Nature does not always cooperate. It seems to be either too cold out or too hot. That is where the HVAC unit comes into play. The unit is used all year long and runs day and night. That is why it is important to know about the unit and some of the main parts. You can also learn more about the problems that these main components will give you. Then you can get the repairs done quickly and your home back to the temperature that you want. One of the main parts of the unit that you need to ensure is working right is the air compressor.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Outlines the Role of an Air Compressor in an HVAC System

Air Compressor Working Principle: The compressor that is attached and installed with your air conditioner is thought to be the most important element. It is the part that is responsible for the change that is needed to get the cooled air in the house and hot air exchanged out. The compressor works along side the charged coolant such as Freon that is in the unit. The coolant has to undergo a change in order to be able to remove the hot air in the house to help cool it down. The compressor will take the coolant and apply electricity to it to allow it to become highly pressured then sent through the coils. The compressor is a major part of the unit because if it is not working there is no way to charge the coolant and get the cooled air that you want. Everything hinges on the compressor.
What Runs The Compressor: The compressor is an important part of the unit but you need to know what is running the part. The compressor is attached to a motor that runs like any other motor. The motor uses electricity that is wired into the unit from your house. The electricity is used on other areas of the unit as well.
Air Compressor Troubleshooting Guide: The problems that surround the compressor are fairly common. There are some problems that can be the cause of the compressor that are unlikely and could be diagnosed by a professional HVAC repairman. The first problem with the compressor is that it is not receiving any electricity and therefore it is not running at all. The usual culprit is actually that the breaker has been tripped and can be reset at the breaker box. If you notice that you are not getting enough cooled air in your house the problem is often with the compressor. Lastly if the unit outside the house where the compressor is housed shakes when it starts the compressor can have a problem.

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