Fall HVAC Tune Up Maintenance Checklist in Rhodes Ranch, NV; Evaporator Coil Cleaning & More

There are two seasons that make the standard times to conduct maintenance of our heating and cooling systems. Spring and Fall come to mind. Air conditioning and heating systems move copious volumes of air. This air carries dirt, debris and plant detritus. These are sucked in and collected in the external coils or condenser of the air conditioning system. The fan and the coils need to be cleaned to restore the efficiency of the system.

Evaporator Coil Cleaning

On the inside the evaporator coils are protected by the interior filters but can still collect dust and human and pet detritus. These coils should be cleaned, and the filters changed. Coil fins should be straightened for full efficient air flow. The fans and fan blades need attention as well. The bearings and belts are checked, and the fans cleaned. It there is oil access to bearings a few drops of oil will extend their life.

Air Conditioner Condenser Maintenance

A/C pads tend to sink over time. Occasionally the level of the outside unit should be verified, and the unit releveled if necessary.
Noisy compressors can be muted by the addition of a sound blanket. Fan noise cannot be easily suppressed in older units and the newer ones are quite silent.

Check to See if AC Drain Line is Clogged

Check the condensate drain. This allows condensation that collects in a pan to be drained off. Sometimes these get plugged. Water that collects from condensation can become a breeding ground for bacteria that can form slime. Pan tablets can help keep the drain clear.

How to Reduce Electric Bill for AC

A simple addition of window tint on at least the south facing windows can reduce the heat entering the dwelling. This can reap savings in power usage. The A/C-Heat Pump system are a big consumer of electrical power. Anything to make the A/C work less will result in savings. In-room fans are another addition that can be an economical addition to help maintain the indoor environment. The compressor in A/C and heat pump systems are the power-hungry components. Simple fan motors are very economical and help circulate air.

Fall HVAC Tune Up Maintenance Checklist

The pro checklist is as follows:
• Check the correct amount of refrigerant.
• Test for refrigerant leaks using a leak detector.
• Capture any refrigerant that must be evacuated from the system. It is illegal just to release it into the air.
• Check and if necessary, seal the duct work.
• Measure air flow through the evaporator coil.
• Verify controls (thermostat and wiring) to ensure that heat and cooling systems operate separately and not at the same time.
• Inspect terminal, clean and tighten connections. Apply non-conductive coatings if necessary.
• Oil motors, check belts for tightness and wear.
• Check thermostat accuracy.
The A/C tech will check electrical draw and refrigerant pressure to ensure proper operation. The insulation of the large coolant line is checked to ensure integrity and rewrapped if necessary. Spray foam cleaners and fin combs are tools and products used to restore the system integrity and ensures efficient operation.

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As with all mechanical systems with moving parts your furnace and A/C systems are subject to wear and mechanical failure. Fan motors and compressors are the primary points of failure. Maintenance can extend the life of your appliance and its efficiency as well as lower the cost of operation. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning can perform a fall tune up of your HVAC system. Call us to make your next appointment today.