Fall Air Conditioning Inspection Maintenance Checklist in North Las Vegas Nevada

With the summer coming to an end and the temperatures slowly coming down, your air conditioner will be working less and be able to take a break from the harsh and stifling heat that the summer brings. While most home owners are relieved that their air conditioning unit survived the hottest part of the year, an inspection on their unit is the last thing on their mind. Your air conditioning system has just endured the harshest time of year, cooling your home on a daily basis, running long hours and constantly using parts over and over again to keep your home at the desired temperature.

Fall Air Conditioning Inspection Requirements

Entering into fall is a great time to perform a thorough inspection on your air conditioning unit. The summer can take a severe beating on your air conditioning unit and now is the time to see and inspect exactly what types of damage has been done. By performing a simple inspection you may be able to catch a minor problem before it turns into a major air conditioning repair and cost you a significant amount of money and even worse, leave you burning up when next summer arrives. Turning your air conditioning on next summer and having absolutely nothing happen will be a situation you do not want to put yourself in!

Check Air Ducts for Leaks

Your air conditioning unit is a great deal of moving parts carefully working together to provide you with a cool and comfortable home. There are many areas of your unit to inspect and ensure that they are still in good working order. Checking the ductwork around your fittings will help to eliminate any possible air leaks. Air leaks in your air conditioning unit will cause your unit to work harder and longer, making more problems occur, costing you more money in repairs.

Check Return Grills & HVAC Registers

Be sure to inspect return grills and the HVAC registers for dust, dirt, pet hair and anything else that will impede the unit from working properly. Also be sure to check your condenser and your thermostat as well. These are all important parts of your unit that if not working properly can have major negative impacts on the ability of your air conditioning unit to work solidly next summer.

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