Emergency Heating Repair in MacDonald Ranch, NV; Furnace Making Knocking Noise, Sewer Smell & More

A furnace can generally go years without running into a single problem and even longer when properly maintained. With ongoing maintenance, you may never have an actual furnace emergency. However things can happen and sometimes unexpectedly. There are different furnace failures that are considered an emergency where you will need to take action fast. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share some of the most common furnace emergencies and how to react to them.

Furnace Electrical Failures

Furnaces and other heating systems often run on electricity to provide needed power. At times, the electrical system to the furnace may develop an issue that can be hazardous. If a furnace’s electrical supply is compromised. it can result in damage to the furnace electrical components or a fire hazard. One way to identify an electrical problem is if the lights flicker or dim when the furnace is running. Another sign of electrical problems is if you hear a buzzing or humming sound coming from the furnace. If you notice these electrical failure signs, seek professional assistance to ensure your home’s safety.

Furnace Making Knocking or Other Loud Noise

When a furnace is running it will make a soft humming like noise, which is completely normal. However, if the furnace develops new and louder noises, this can be a sign of a major problem. A furnace can make different types of sounds that can point to different problems such as:
• Popping: Is the result of thermal expansion which cause the air ducts to expand and contract. Thermal expansion can cause air ducts to split at the seam or develop air leaks.
• Rattling: A rattling noise can be due to lose screws or bolts that are rattling around inside the furnace. This can cause major damages to the heating system.
• Squealing: A squealing sound can be due to the motor fan belt that has slipped off.
• Grinding: A grinding noise is never good and is often due to a broken component caught inside the fan motor.
When any of these sounds occur you will want to turn off the furnace immediately and call for a professional furnace repair technician to come and inspect and repair the unit. Avoid using the furnace unit until it is repaired.

Furnace Short Cycling

Short cycling or rapid cycling is essentially when a furnace will turn on and shut of quickly. This can be due to basic problems such as a dirty air filter. A dirty filter can put a lot of stress on a furnace and air conditioner unit and lead to a number of damages and premature replacement. However, if the air filter is clean and the furnace is still short cycling, it can be due to another underlining problem. The furnace may need to be tuned up and serviced to determine what may be causing the short cycle.

Furnace Smells like Sewer

If there is an odd odor such as rotten eggs or sulfur, turn off the furnace immediately. This can be due to a cracked heat exchanger that is releasing carbon monoxide into the home. Gas also produces a rotten egg odor and gas could also be leaking into the home. Both are life threatening and require immediate action.

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If your furnace is showing any of these emergency problems, seek professional aid right away. For furnace and other HVAC services, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.