Emergency Air Conditioning Problems that Should Be Repaired Right Away in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV; Uneven Temperature or Not Cooling Enough

If you live somewhere like Las Vegas, Nevada that the temperature in the summer reaches to an unbearable degree, than you know how important a working air conditioner is. The AC is a system that uses a refrigerant to cool the air and pull out the hot air from the house. This is the best way to have your home a temperature that is enjoyable; and an escape from the horrible heat! You probably head over to your thermostat and set it to a particular degree and walk away hoping that your house will cool down. Most people don’t even think about the repairs and maintenance of their AC unit until they turn it on and the cool air never comes. When the unit stops working completely you could be looking at a unit that needs to be replaced all together and cannot be repaired. That is why it is important to have your AC unit checked and maintained on a regular basis. There are some repairs that need to be done as soon as possible because if they are not done the unit can be ruined.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning has a list of repairs that should be done as soon as you notice to save the life if your AC unit.

Temperature Is Not Cooling Enough: If you are setting your thermostat in your home to a specific temperature you usually want the air in the home to get there. If the air is just not getting to that temperature no matter how long it runs you have a problem. The problem is that the more the unit has to work the more the chances are that the unit will give out. The problem could be a simple fix such as cleaning out the coils or replacing a small part. If the small repair is not done it can turn into the entire unit freezing up and going out.
Uneven Room Temperature: If you have a room in your home that seems to stay too warm compared to the rest of the house you could be wasting the cooled air in your home. Each room in the home should be the same temperature or at least very close. When this isn’t happening there is most likely trouble with the air ducts. The air duct system is a series of tubing that runs to each room. When a part of the duct is separated or unattached, the air will leak out instead of making it to the room itself. The air that you are paying to cool is getting released in the attic space which is in no way helping to cool your home. This is a repair that can be done by a professional HVAC professional.

If you have AC repairs that need immediate attention, call Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning in Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada.