Effects of Humidity on Air Conditioning & Heating Performance; Benefits of Ideal Level Whole House Humidifiers in Summerlin, NV

During colder weather, we turn on our heating systems which causes the air to become dry. Regardless of where you live, humidity levels in the air will have an impact on the comfort levels in your home. Humidity also has a lot to do with the way your heating and air conditioning unit functions. Humidifiers are proven to help regulate the temperature in your home by emitting water vapor to increase humidity levels. They will make your home feel warmer without having to turn the heat up, kind of like how a warm and humid summer day will feel warmer than the temperature is reporting.

The Basics of Humidity Levels

The biggest job your AC unit has is to remove unwanted moisture but it might not be enough to remove all the humidity coming into your home. Your HVAC system will work efficiently if the proper levels of moisture are maintained in the home environment. Proper humidity levels will make your home feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Ideally you want the humidity in your home to be above 30% relative humidity, but 40% or 50% is even better. Improper levels of humidity will make your home uncomfortable and you family is more likely to suffer from respiratory disorders or chemical reactions. Not only that, humidity levels that aren’t properly maintained can cause damage to the inside and outside of your home. The comfort level of your family is where the temperature should be at. Recommended humidity levels at different times of the year will provide comfort as well as safety and will depend on clothing and physical activity levels.

Low Humidity Causes & Symptoms

If humidity levels are low, you are more susceptible to colds as viruses and germs do well in dry air. You may also notice more static electricity because the air becomes more conductive when it’s dry. Getting dressed or petting the cat may give you a shock! You may experience dry, itchy skin and hair. Wood furniture or floors can become damaged by splitting or cracking. Frigid, dry air is tough on wood so you may notice your home becoming noisier in the cold months as the wood shrinks. Plants can be affected by low moisture as they get it from the air. Mental and physical benefits are present when healthy houseplants are around, so pay attention to them.

Is Higher Humidity Healthy?

Humidifiers will do a lot to improve the air within your home. Breathing is improved as sinuses are cleared, risk of infections is lowered because viruses and bacteria do not do well in moist air and infections heal faster because nasal passages are lubricated. Snoring can be eased or prevented as the wet air soothes respiratory passages which will lead to improved sleep. Humidifiers will also help ease sore throats, reduce or prevent dry skin, chapped lips, nose bleeds and other cold-weather symptoms with added moisture.

Humidifier Installation, Indoor Air Quality & More in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

If you want to avoid any issues with dry air and improve the quality of your indoor air, consider adding a whole house humidifier to your home. Contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to answer any questions you have and to discuss your options.