Don’t Make These Home Heating Mistakes This Winter in Summerlin, NV; Turn Heat On & Off & More

We all know the HVAC unit consumes a lot of power especially in Nevada during the summertime. We try to find ways to save money during those hot summer months. As the cooler temperatures set in, it’s easy to become lax in our efforts to save money. However there are many mistakes people do during the winter months that actually cost them more money. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning wants to cover those common mistakes everyone makes during the cold season that actually adds to their utility bills.

Don’t Ramp Up the Thermostat Too Fast

It might be tempting when the house gets cold, to ramp up your thermostat so you can quickly warm the house. If you bring the thermostat temperature up before the original temperature is met to try to quickly heat the house, it will not change the rate the house will heat up. You are just stressing the HVAC unit and this will cost you more money. In this case just be patient. If you want your house to stay at a temperature of 70 degrees and your thermostat is only reaching, let’s say 65 degrees, in an attempt to make up that 5 degree difference you may be tempted to up your thermostat to 75 degrees. This is a common and huge mistake. The furnace may be working beyond its ability to heat the house. Instead, take a look around. The heat might be escaping in an undesirable location the home. Try to find the source of the leak and seal it. If there is no leak to be found, you may need a repair man to come and check out your unit.

It is Better to Keep Your Thermostat at a Constant Temperature

Another similar mistake is turning the heat way down at night. Some people feel that your warm bed is enough to fight the night cold and will save you money by allowing the heat to be turned off or down. Again extreme fluctuation in temperature makes the HVAC unit work harder and costs you more money. It’s better to have a set temperature throughout the whole day with minor changes.

Is it More Expensive to Turn Heat On & Off?

Heating an empty home is a waste of money. Yes you don’t want to turn the heat completely off or turn it too low. But during those times when no one is at home, adjust the temperature to a slightly lower setting to help save money.

Don’t Block Out the Winter Sun from Windows

We develop habits during those summer months to help keep the house cool. One thing that many do is shutting out all sunlight. This does help keep the house cooler in the summer time as well as help keep some cost down. The opposite can be said for the winter. Let the sunlight into your home. It will help heat up the inside naturally to a certain degree. Thus having your unit work less. This is another mistake people often make that’s easy to fix.

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Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning want to remind you that you can still save money this coming winter season. Watch out for common mistakes. Do what you can to continue your efforts to make your budget and home more comfortable. If you want more advice don’t hesitate to ask Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning. We offer HVAC audits, consultations and more!