Does Outside Temperature Affect Your Air Conditioner in Summerlin South, NV? Heat, Rain & Humidity Problems

There are a few things that you need to have to get through a hot summer. You need to pack away your sweaters and jackets and get out a wardrobe you can wear in the heat. Most people also love to have a time that they can get away and enjoy a vacation. You also want to have an air conditioning unit that is working well in your house. You need to have a place that you can go to get out of the heat and if your air conditioning unit is in poor condition it will not cool the house down. That is why you want to make sure that even in the heat of summer you are having your AC unit maintained. Although heat is one of the types of weather that you might find there are others that can have an effect on how well the air conditioning unit works. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning outlines how weather can affect the way your AC unit is working.

Does Heat Index Affect Air Conditioning?

One of the things that you might see when the weather is at the peak of summer is extreme heat. The extreme heat is not common all over the United States but some areas can reach over 100 degrees. The higher end of the 90’s is something that usually about maxes out your air conditioning units efficiency. There are some areas that are considered extreme when it comes to heat and that means that they reach over 100 degrees on a consistent basis. The extreme heat means that most people want to adjust the thermostat and think that will cool the home down faster. The issue is that it will only cause the unit to run longer and that will clog the filters. It will also cause more debris to be collected on the outside of the unit and the fan. The better option is to make sure that you block out the sun, use ceiling fans and let the unit do it’s job.

Air Conditioner Humidity Problems

If you live near water then you know what humidity feels like. If you don’t then a week that is high in humidity can seem overwhelming. The humidity is when there is an abundant amount of moisture in the air. This can make the day feel sticky outside and in turn it can have an affect on the AC unit. The moisture in the air will make the home inside collect moisture as well. This makes the cooler air not feel as cool and it can start to cause more and more condensation. If your drip line or pan is not working right it can lead to the unit leaking or even freezing over. You can also find out about having a dehumidifier installed in your house if there is an issue in your area.

Can Rain Damage an Outdoor AC Unit?

The other type of weather that you might come across in the summer months is when there is rain. The end part of the summer happens to be monsoon season in most areas. That means you may be dealing with rain. Rain is not a type of weather that you need to worry about but if there happens to be flooding and it is covering your unit you want to turn it off and wait for the water to recede back before having the unit inspected for damage and repaired.

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