Does Outside Temperature Affect Central Air Conditioning & Heating in Mountain’s Edge, NV?

Your HVAC unit is there to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. It works with to heat of cool the home to a temperature that you set on your thermostat. The thermostat is your central area to program what you want the unit to do. When you set it the unit will create heat of cooled air sent through the vents to adjust the homes temperature. There are several aspects of the unit that are in the house and there are some that are on the outside of the house. The part that is outside of the house is sturdy and has been manufactured to be outdoors. That does not mean that it will be able to get through some of the worst weather patterns such as floods and extreme wind. When you are involved in a storm your unit can be damaged and it will require you to have it repaired by a professional.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Lists Tips for Running Central Air Conditioning & Heating in Extreme Weather

Heavy Rain & Flooding Affects HVAC System: One of the types of weather that can have an effect on your HVAC unit is when there is heavy rain that turns into flooding. The part of the unit that is left outdoors is usually made of materials that are able to avoid problems with the weather. Mainly metal, plastic and copper as well as wires and other components that allow the unit to work. When there is extreme weather such as a flood it can be effected and damaged. When the parts of the unit that are outside the house are exposed to water long term such as happens when there is a flood they can be damaged and corroded. The other problem is that when the fan is submerged under any level of water it will not be able to move and function. This will then cause the unit to not work properly until it has been repaired. The best thing that you can do is to turn off the unit if you know that a flood or any heavy rain is going to be effecting your area.
High Winds Affect HVAC Unit: You may not thing that the wind is something that can cause damage but it can. Standard wind is not really something that is to be concerned about but there are times when the wind hits high levels. This can be from a storm that is racing across your area. The wind causes things to be flown around and toppled over. This is where your HVAC unit can become damaged. IF the wind happens to push over a tree that is on you or your neighbor’s property it can hit the unit. Although it has some ability to withstand some hits a tree toppling on it is not one of them. There are other pieces of debris that can become stuck in the unit causing it to not work.
Water Damage to AC Unit: If you notice that weather has damaged your HVAC unit you need to call out a professional. They are able to come out and make the necessary repairs to get the unit running again. They also will assess what you can do to help avoid a problem in the future.

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