Do You Really Need an AC Tune Up in North Las Vegas, NV? Why Maintenance is Worth It

It is important that you get yearly maintenance tune-ups on your AC. When it comes to your AC it is not something that because it is working great that you just leave it alone until something breaks down. If you go this route it will cost you more money and more of a headache. It is important to get yearly tune-ups so that you do not have breakdowns. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will go over what a tune-up actually is.

What Does Having a Tune-Up Mean?

When you hire a professional to come to do a maintenance tune-up they will come and look at both your indoor and outdoor units. They will make sure that all the components are running well. During their time doing a tune-up they will
– Clean out the dirt, dust, debris, and even pet hair from the evaporator and the condenser coils.
– Make sure your coolant levels are where they are supposed to be
– Look and see if anything is blocking your air ducts
– Check and see if there are any loose or dirty electrical connections or if there are leaks or broken pieces
– Make sure there are appropriate refrigerant levels
– Replace any fiberglass, UV filters, HEPA, or polyester if needed
– And make sure everything is running properly, this also includes the thermostat

Why it is Worth Getting an AC Tune Up

Getting a yearly tune-up can help your AC in so many ways. It can prolong the life of your AC because they are making sure that everything is running properly. That is just one of the many great things that getting a yearly tune-up can provide. It can also help with having your AC be more energy efficient. An AC becomes more energy efficient when it is working to its full potential without any issues. When it runs at its full potential and running with great energy efficiency that can lower your energy bills. It is always great to save money. When you get a yearly tune-up it not only does all of that, but it can help cool down your home better and it will save you from having major breakdowns with your AC during the summer.

How Do You Maintain an AC?

In between your yearly maintenance tune-ups, how can you continue to keep your AC running great and maintain it? The best thing you can do is change out your air filters. They should be changed out every 1 to 3 months depending on your home. Keeping your air filters clean can help your AC run well without any problems. It helps get that air through the filters properly without your AC having to work harder. You will need to clean your coils, with a hose and broom to clean out any leaves that could be blocking the coils. You will also want to trim any scrubs, pull weeds, or anything that is around the outside unit.

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When you continue to take care of your AC in between maintenance tune-ups this can help your AC last longer. Do not forget to get a yearly tune-up. A yearly tune-up by a professional such as Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning can help your AC tremendously. You do not want to have an issue in the summer with your AC not working. Having a yearly tune-up can help prevent that. Call us today!