Do You have to Replace Both AC Units at the Same Time in a Split AC System in Green Valley Ranch, NV?

For those who have a split air conditioning system you will have two units inside as well as outside of your home. Often one unit will break down before the other unit in a split air conditioner system. In most cases the outdoor unit needs to be replaced as it is exposed to all of the outdoor elements. When one unit of the split air conditioner system breaks down, you may wonder if you should replace just one of the units or both units. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share the benefits of replacing both units at the same time.

Indoor & Outdoor AC Units are Designed to Work Together

A split air conditioning system is designed to work as one cohesive unit. Both indoor and outdoor units work together to create the cool air you need for your home. If the units are mismatched, the air conditioning system’s efficiency and performance suffer. In some cases you may be able to find a matching condenser (outdoor unit) or the matching air handler (indoor unit) so you can replace just the broken down unit. But if the HVAC service cannot find a matching unit then it is best to replace both units at the same time.

Advantages of a Modern Air Conditioning System

If one unit breaks down the other unit will not last much longer. This brings in the question as to whether to replace just the broken down unit or both units. One of the benefits of replacing both the condenser and the air handler is to upgrade. A modern air conditioning system is designed to use less energy while enhancing cooling performance. If you have to invest in a new unit you should take advantage of the situation and upgrade your home’s cooling system which will save you money in keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Age Difference Between Air Handler & Condenser Can Cause Problems

When one unit breaks down and you only replace the broken down unit, the two units will be off schedule. This can cause a number of problems. When you have a fresh unit working with an older worn down unit, the old unit struggles to keep up. Often the older unit will become distressed because the new unit is outworking the older unit. Eventually the older unit will break down but not before the new unit has had time to wear down somewhat itself. It can become confusing when determining the age of your cooling system.

Cost to Replace AC System

It is understandable that sometimes you may not have the money to replace one unit let alone both units at the same time. If you are under financial strain you may only be able to replace one of the two units of a split air conditioning system. However, if you have financing options such as homeowner’s insurance that can help cover the cost of replacing the entire split air conditioning system, it is better to replace both units that just the one.

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