Do I Need to Do Anything Before Turning On AC for First Time this Year in Las Vegas, NV?

When spring hits and you need to turn your AC on instead of your heat, what steps do you need to go through before you switch on your AC? This may be something you don’t think about and you just switch from heat to AC. But there are a few steps that you need to go through before you switch your AC on. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will outline them below.

Change Air Filters

Before you switch over to your AC you should make sure that you have clean air filters in. You should be switching your air filters out every one to three months. But it is also smart to change them before you turn on your AC. This helps ensure that your AC will have a good clean start versus having to work harder to get you good air. Also having clean air filters helps keep your indoor air quality better.

Check & Clean Vents

It is smart in the springtime before you switch your AC on to check your vents. You should vacuum them or wash them. Getting rid of all that dirt that can build up on your vents is important. When there are a lot of buildups then it can inhibit the airflow and blow more dust back into your home. If you have cleaned and checked your vents, changed your air filters, and still feel like you have bad air quality then it may be time for an air duct cleaning. This could be a perfect time to do this before you turn your AC on.

Thermostat Settings

Thermostats can be the last thing you think about when it comes to your AC. It’s the thing you use to turn on and off your AC but you don’t often think that you need to change the batteries. Batteries in the thermostat do wear out so a great thing to do is change the batteries before you start using your AC. This way you do not run into problems and are maintenance-free during the summer.

Clean Outside AC Condenser Unit

Now that you have done what you need to do inside your home. Let’s move outside to prep your AC unit. The best thing you can do for your outside unit is first to remove the cover if you put one on. Then clear out all the debris that is around it. That includes weeds, leaves, branches, and anything that is near the unit. Also, you should check the unit, make sure nothing seems to be damaged, and if you notice something damaged call an HVAC technician.

Schedule Your Annual AC Tune-Up

Springtime is a perfect time to call to schedule your annual maintenance tune-up. In the spring it is right between the heating and cooling seasons by scheduling a maintenance tune-up a professional can come in and check to make sure that everything is running smoothly with your air conditioner.

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Don’t hesitate. Spring is a perfect time to call a professional to come give your AC a tune-up. This way you can have a summer of no air conditioner worries and limit those breakdowns in the summer. Call Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today to come to make sure your AC is ready for summer.