Do Heat Pumps Work in Cold Weather in Las Vegas, NV? Are they Effective in a Range of Temperatures?

Are you looking for another way to heat your home this winter? You might consider a heat pump. Heat pumps are central air conditioning systems that can heat your home during the winter months. They work by “pumping” heat into your home in the winter and out in the summer. Heat pumps can cut energy costs significantly. They can produce two to three times as much heat as an electric boiler or a baseboard heater with the same amount of electricity used. If they are used correctly, they are very effective and will help lower your utility bills.

How Does a Heat Pump Work in Cold Weather?

Heat pumps work great at adjusting to your homes needs in any season. This only happens with a heating pump as other heating and cooling systems are only capable of doing one or the other. Heat pumps used to be expensive and didn’t work very well in the colder months but they have gotten better. The newer generation of heat pumps can keep homes warm on even the coldest of days. One of the improvements in heat pumps is the addition of variable-speed motors that save energy. These pumps run more slowly without shutting off when the house reaches a comfortable temperature where the older systems are either on or off. Heat pumps work by circulating a fluid between the indoors and outdoors just like an air conditioning system does. A heat pump works in the same way an air conditioner does with a basic refrigeration-type cycle but just in the opposite direction. This happens by emitting heat into the space instead of the surrounding environment. The unit will provide heat from a source of heat to a destination called a “heat sink”. The heat pump will use some external power to make this happen.

Heat Pump Operation & Effective Temperature Settings in Cold Weather

Heat pumps are always more efficient than using emergency heat. Your thermostat has an emergency heat setting. It can be easy to miss and may be turned on by accident. It shouldn’t be used because it can cause the energy efficiency of the heat pump to be eliminated and will lead to more energy being used as well as increased monthly bills. Heat pumps are made to be more efficient than emergency heating regardless of the temperature. When the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat pump needs to use another heat source to get the level of comfort needed in the home. When this occurs, the heat pump is still efficiently moving a part of the heat from the outside.

Professional Heat Pump Installation in the Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Heat pumps work very well in Las Vegas as we experience summer and winter and the efficiency of indoor heating depends on outdoor temperatures for the most part. While installation of a heat pump can be costly and take a lot of time, the years of savings in energy costs will pay for it in a very short period of time. Contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to answer any questions as to whether a heat pump is good for your home.