Do Air Conditioners Become Less Effective Over Time in Peccole Ranch, NV? How Do I Know if My AC is Inefficient?

Living in a hot place like Las Vegas your AC is something you need to run really well in your house. So how do you know if your AC is losing efficiency? Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you out with just that. Let’s talk about the signs that your AC gives you when your AC isn’t working as great as it once did and is nearing the need for an upgrade.

Age of AC Unit

When you have an AC that is about 10-15 years old, it is going to start to go downhill. An AC will usually last 10 to 15 years. During those last couple years of its life, you could and probably will be doing a lot of repairs to make it keep working. The AC can go out for various reasons and each might be a different problem. Plus, when your AC is older it is less efficient. It has to work harder to cool down your house. It can also become very dirty. When you have something that long it is bound to collect dirt and dust.

Warm Air Blowing from Vents

It is so frustrating when your house is not cool like it should be. You feel the vents and they are blowing warm air. Why is this happening? This could be happing because of several reasons. It could be your air filters need to be changed, the compressor is not working or you are low on coolant. While this can be fixed and your AC can start running cold air again. You want to start considering a new AC if this is happening more often or when the professional comes to fix the AC and finds more problems.

AC Making Knocking & Grinding Sounds

If your AC is making any loud sounds, it is never a good sign. If you are hearing a squealing sound then it could mean the AC belt needs to be lubricated. If you are hearing a banging sound it could be a part that has become loose and is moving around in your AC. A knocking sound could mean a motor bearing is damaged. If you are hearing any unusual sound, turn off your AC and call a professional to come to take a look at it. Your AC might just need repairs but it could be you need to replace your AC.

Sewage or Other Bad Smell from Vents

When your AC turns on there should be no smells that come with it. So, if your AC turns on and you smell a musty smell then there is a chance you could have mold in your air ducts. If you are smelling a light burnt smell it could be something with the wiring. There is very detailed wiring in your AC and they can burn out over time.

Higher AC Electric Bills

Summer in Las Vegas can always increase your power bill. But if you notice that your bill is higher than it once was, then it is time you look into a new AC. The older your AC gets, the less efficient it is. Because it has to work harder to cool down your house your power bill will increase more than you want it to.

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If your AC is showing any of these signs then your AC is losing efficiency and not working as you want it to. A new AC might be what you need to consider in the near future. If you need any help with your AC, give Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call.