DIY HVAC Home & Commercial Building Maintenance Tips; Changing Air Filters, Cleaning Drain Lines & More

An HVAC system is much like your car; it requires regular maintenance and care to help keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Just like a car, there are some basic maintenance that home owners can do themselves and then there are tasks that should be left to the professionals. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share some of those DIY maintenance tasks that can be done by the homeowner to help maintain an efficient HVAC system all year long and reduce the need for future repairs.

DIY HVAC Home & Commercial Building Maintenance Tips

Changing Air Filters – Changing air filters are one of the simplest tasks that any homeowner can do. Filters need to be changed as they become dirty and begin to restrict proper air flow, especially during the hot summer months. How often the filter needs to be changed will depend on the homes environment such as kids, pets and even landscaping. Here in Nevada we are accustomed to high wind storms that blow dirt and dust into our homes. Due to these conditions, it is not uncommon for filters to be changed out once a month.
Cleaning Condensation Drains – Condensation often accumulates on the air conditioning unit. Because of this, there is a condensation drain to help collect all of the excess condensation. Often the condensation drain can become plugged by dirt or mud, leaves and other forms of debris. Cleaning a condensation drain is a simple process. All you need is a wet vac with a condensation drain adaptor. Use the wet vac to suck everything out of the drain line.
Relighting Pilot Light – Some HVAC systems use natural gas to heat the inside of your home. For furnaces that use natural gas, a pilot light that serves as the ignition device lights the gas that is then used to heat up your home. Often the pilot light goes out and needs to be relit. This again is a simple process that doesn’t require a professional. The pilot’s location varies with make and model. You will need to locate your pilot light and make sure your heater is turned off before relighting the pilot light.
Schedule Professional Tune Up – Of course, it is also up to the homeowner to schedule a yearly tune up or inspection of your HVAC system to have your unit professionally serviced. Professional HVAC technicians will go through an extended checklist to make sure your HVAC system continues to run efficiently and prevent future failures. Some of the basic services that are preformed during a tune up and inspection are:
• Testing and checking all of the electrical wiring.
• Measuring the voltage and the currents.
• The technicians will make sure that the emergency power switches work properly.
• We will check and clean all the drainage lines.
• All of the moving parts will be lubricated and inspected for wear or damage.
• The condenser and evaporator coils will be cleaned.
• The blower and refrigerant levels will be checked and if needed, refilled.
• The technician will also check the combustion, heat exchanger, or the gas pressure.

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It is important to regularly maintain and check your HVAC all year long. Perform the basic maintenance that the homeowner can do themselves. For those with tasks that need to be done by the professionals, all that you need to do is call a professional HVAC technician. We can take care of the rest of the essential maintenance and tune up that your unit needs. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning can take care of everything your HVAC system requires to help keep your power bill down, and your home heating and cooling system up and running. For tune ups, repairs, or full reinstallation services, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.