Differences Between Domestic & Commercial Central Air Conditioning in Mountain’s Edge, NV

Cooking dinner for your family is something that any homemaker can do without any problems. Take that same homemaker and ask her to cook dinner for 500 people and she might very well look at you like you are speaking a foreign language. Just because you know how to do something for your house does not mean that you could provide the same function on a commercial level. This is true for heating and air conditioning technicians as well. What are the differences between residential and commercial heating and air conditioning?

Air Conditioning Unit Location

One thing that you will see right away is that the location of the units are not in the same place. In your home your HVAC system is typically on the ground on the side of your home. Older units here in the Las Vegas Valley may be on the rooftop of your home. When you go into a shopping mall though there is no room for an air conditioning and heating unit right next to the store. Commercial units are placed on the rooftop of the building. Having the unit on the roof makes it so that technicians can come and work on the unit and business owners are still able to operate their business without any interruption.

Size of Space to Cool

Commercial heating and air conditioning units are typically responsible for very large areas. Retail stores, restaurants, and large office buildings all have to produce enough heat or air for large areas with lots of people in them. Depending on how busy the location is the temperature can change drastically throughout the day. Commercial systems need to be able to effectively provide the necessary heat and air to keep the building cool. Residential buildings do not have as much ebb and flow of temperature throughout the day. Homes are also not as big of spaces as commercial properties. Commercial units are much larger than the heating and air conditioning units that are made for your home. They are larger in size and power than your residential unit.

Complexity of HVAC System Components

In addition to being larger in size and power, commercial heating and air conditioning units are also more complex than the units used for residential heating and cooling. As mentioned above commercial buildings have more ebb and flow throughout the day in them. During certain hours the property will be busy and other hours the business could be completely empty. All of these factors will go into the complexity necessary for a commercial heating and air conditioning system. Residential air conditioning units can be much simpler than commercial units because they get more consistent use.
Both types of units will need to have a drainage system for the unit to work properly. Residential units have a single pan that is used to drain the unit. Commercial units are more complex. They have multiple pipes and pans that ensure the units are properly drained.

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As you can see, the differences between residential and commercial heating and air conditioning units are significant. When it comes to installation, repairs, and maintenance of each type of unit you will want to make sure that you are using a company that has the knowledge necessary to keep your heating and air conditioning system working properly. Some companies are only skilled in one type of air conditioning unit. Before you hire a company to service your units make sure they are qualified to work on your unit. Here at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning we have technicians that can help with your residential and commercial heating and air conditioning needs. Contact us today!