Danger of Hiding Valuables in Your HVAC Vents in Downtown Las Vegas, NV; Disconnected Air Ducts & More

If you are looking for somewhere to hide your valuables, the vents in your home may seem like the perfect place but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a number of reasons that this is a bad choice. The HVAC vents and ductwork in your home is there to serve two purposes: to move air conditioned air throughout your home and move heated air throughout your home. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to share some of the reasons it isn’t wise to hide your valuable items inside your HVAC vents.

Restricted Airflow

Like mentioned above, your ductwork is there to move and distribute are throughout your home. When there are items that are blocking that air, not only will your vents be unable to do their job properly, but you will have hot and cold spots in your home. This can also make it so your heating and air conditioning systems have to work harder than they should to operate. You may even see a rise in energy costs when airflow is restricted.

Disconnected Air Ducts

There is a common misconceptions portrayed in Hollywood that ductwork can support a human being. This leads people to believe that you can surely hide some of your valuables in there with no problem. This is nothing short of false. Your ductwork is designed to move air, not support any amount of weight. When there is strain on your ductwork, it can cause the duct support straps to break, ductwork to come apart and compromise your entire HVAC system.

Losing Your Items in Air Ducts

Sometimes the air that is moving throughout your ductwork is done with quite a bit of power. If you are hiding things in your ductwork like money or other important documents, you may end up losing them. Things like that can easily get blown throughout your ductwork and will be difficult to ultimately find. If you are hiding papers or money in your ductwork, they can get stuck in the ductwork and air filters which could leave you facing costly repairs as this can cause serious problems for your heating and air conditioning system.

Some Items are Dangerous

One of the most dangerous items that people try to hide in their vents and ductwork is a gun. Obviously this can be a dangerous choice if you have children. It isn’t wise to have these items anywhere that doesn’t have a lock. You can put yourself and those that you love in danger when you place dangerous items in your vents that are accessible to small children and other unsuspecting snoopers.

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