Cost of Replacing your Central Air Conditioner Condenser in Las Vegas Nevada

Most air conditioning units in Las Vegas are installed outdoors and are left on the side or back of homes. There are also some older homes that have the unit directly on the roof of the residence. Knowing about the parts of your air conditioning unit can help you understand how it works and can help you know what could be wrong when the unit starts to malfunction. Having a fully working AC unit is what keeps us comfortable throughout the year. The unit cools the home down during the hot summer months and heats it up when the winter sets in. Being comfortable in your home can allow your more time to enjoy family and generally get more done. When the unit goes out for any reason the results can be unbearable most times of the year. In the summer the house can heat up quickly and become impossible to spend time in. During the winter it can be hard to keep the family warm if it goes out.

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning in Las Vegas has prepared this quick guide on one part of the A/C unit we want you to know more about; the condenser:

What is a Central Air Conditioner Condenser

The condenser is the part of the unit that you actually see outside. The other parts such as the duct work, the thermostat, evaporator and fan are hidden throughout the house and are usually not seen. The condenser is the main part of the unit that has condenser coils, a compressor and a large fan. There are also a lot of other electrical parts that are in the condenser unit as well.

What Does an Air Conditioner Condenser Do?

What does it do? There are really two main things that the condenser does every day. One of the reasons that it is outdoors is to allow the heat that is generated by the unit to be dissipated into the air. The air outside keeps the unit cooled enough to allow it to work constantly. It also is what pumps the refrigerant into the system to allow it to cool down. The refrigerant is used throughout the coils and the unit to cool down the air and send it through the duct work to cool the house down to the desired temperature.

Air Conditioner Condenser Not Turning On?

What if it goes out? It is bad news to have the condenser go out on your unit. The condenser is one of the most expensive parts to have to replace. Many people choose to replace and upgrade the entire unit instead of just the condenser since the cost is just not worth it.

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