Cost of Air Duct Replacement

The air conditioning unit is the largest appliance in our home yet for the most part we don’t give it the care and upkeep it needs. In fact we probably don’t give it much thought at all until we notice it’s not working properly. Adjusting the thermostat on occasion and changing the air filters when we do happen to remember is probably the extent of attention our HVAC system receives. But what about the air ducts? Air ducts are passageways through which air is moved around our homes. The ducts draw air out of rooms through a temperature regulator then filter and move it back into the rooms with the air quality set to our specifications. Air ducts are susceptible to breakdown and damage and require maintenance to keep working at optimum efficiency. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is your full service HVAC and home comfort specialist serving Las Vegas Nevada and surrounding areas.

Is it time to replace your ducts? Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning has provided a list of the following five reasons as to when and why you should replace your air ducts:

1. Mold – Mold is found in moist areas. Your air ducts are a perfect environment for mold growth because there is often a buildup of water and the humidity is high. Mold can be potentially dangerous to anyone who inhales it. Metal ducts can be easily cleaned of mold buildup but plastic ducts must be replaced as they will retain mold even after cleaning.
2. Cracking or Tears – Air ducts create a barrier which prevents air from leaking out and losing temperature. If your air ducts are cracked or torn, your will be losing air quality and your power bills will be on the rise.
3. Temperature fluctuations and Inconsistency – If your air ducts are working properly, your temperatures will be consistent throughout the home. If your temperature is inconsistent and you are experiencing cold spots, there may be a problem with how much air your air ducts are carrying throughout your home.
4. Improper Installation – It is very common to find parts of the ducts that are exposed to view in your home. Make sure they are properly aligned, and inspect the seams to make sure they are properly sealed. If you notice any damaged seals, contact your Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning specialist to schedule an appointment for an inspection.
5. Leaky Air Ducts – Your ducts are constantly moving air around your home, and your filter catches any particles moving around in the air. If you notice an excessive amount of dirt or other debris and you are replacing your filter more often than usual, your air ducts may have a leak that is allowing this dirt and debris into the system.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, contact your Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning specialist today. We will work quickly to diagnose the problem. Whether you require replacement or repair, Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is dedicated to getting your air conditioning system back-up and running as quickly as possible.