Cooling Facts & Myths in Providence, NV; Correct AC Unit Size, How Ceiling Fans Cool a Room & More

We live in a society where you can find information about millions of different topics within seconds. When you search things online you will find information from numerous sources. Sometimes it is hard to know which of these sources you can trust. There are times when it is best to actually not trust any of the sources that you come across in your search. So how do you know if you can believe the information that you find online? You need to make sure that you are getting your information from a credible source. If a company that sells clothing is trying to give you information about how to fix your car you probably want to move on to a different source. As the weather starts to get warmer many people will search online for how to keep their houses cool. Unfortunately not all of the information that you find is accurate. Today the experts over here at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning are going to you some information about the top cooling myths out there online.

AC Unit Size Calculator

One of the most popular air conditioning myths is that a bigger air conditioning unit will produce the best results for your home. For some homeowners this may indeed be true. Sometimes builders do not have an adequately sized air conditioning unit installed during the building process. If this is the case for your home then a larger unit will help. For many people though their air conditioning unit is actually the correct size but it is just not functioning properly. Some maintenance and repairs will help your unit give you better results. So before you spend money on a brand new air conditioner you will want have us come and see if your unit just needs some maintenance.

Do Ceiling Fans Reduce Temperature to Help Cool a Room?

The next myth we want to address is about fans. People think that fans actually decrease the temperature inside of your home. The truth about fans is that they do not actually reduce the temperature in your home. By moving the air around in your room it simply makes it FEEL cooler in your room. If you have fans in your home turning them on when you are in the room will indeed help make you feel cooler. When you leave the room we recommend turning the fan off though so it’s not actually lowering the temperature at all.
Many people will tell you that you should turn your thermostat up high when you are gone and then turn it down extremely low when you get home so that your home will cool quickly. Your air conditioner will indeed get your home nice and cool but it can only work so quickly. Turning it down to an extremely low temperature just makes your unit work longer to get it to the temperature that you set your thermostat to. We recommend that you simply use a programmable thermostat to help you lower and raise your temperature according to when you will be in your home and when you will be gone.

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Hopefully these three myths being debunked will help you save some money this summer. There is no need to make your air conditioner work any harder than it needs to. One of the best tips that we have for you is to get your air conditioning maintenance done immediately. If you have not done that already give Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call today!