Cons of an Old Central Air Conditioner in Whitney, NV; Lower AC Efficiency, Cost of A/C Repairs & More

Do you have an air conditioner cooling your home that is over 15 years old? Most air conditioners can last around 20 years or longer if they have excellent care. However, as an air conditioner ages, they can begin to cost the homeowner more money than they realize. Older air conditioners are a major financial drain and can cost the homeowners hundreds of dollars each year. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share the additional cost of an old air conditioner system.

Lower AC Efficiency

In the 1980’s, a legislation passed demanding that all air conditioner manufacturers make more efficient cooling systems. As the demand for more efficient air conditioners increased, technology advanced and modern units were designed to be far more effective. Older units simply cost more to run than modern units. They also are not as efficient when it comes to cooling a home than the modern units. Older units take twice as long to cool the inside of a home and use far more energy. Simply, an older air conditioner unit is costing you more money each month than a modern unit will.

Cost of AC Repairs

Older units will eventually break down and need repairs. The most common sign of an old unit is yearly repairs. As an air conditioner unit ages, its various components will break down and require repairs and replacements. The cost of repairs will continue to grow, costing the homeowner hundreds if not thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs within a short period of time. At some point, the homeowner will need to decide if it is worth repairing an old air conditioner or to direct the cost of repairs to the cost of a new air conditioner. If the warranty of the old air conditioner unit has expired, the homeowner will need to come up with the full cost of each repair. In some cases, it is better to replace an older unit than spend money on repair on top of the eventual need of a unit replacement.

Negative Health Effects of an Old Air Conditioner

Older air conditioning units has been linked to some health concerns, such as respiratory infections, asthma attacks and other similar problems. An older air conditioning unit will produce contaminates and release them into the indoor air. One sign an older unit is producing contaminates is the need to replace air filters more frequently than usual. If the contaminates fill the inside of your home, it can lead to number of respiratory related problems. If you find you are changing out your air filters and you or members of your household are getting sick and need costly medical attention, it may be because your air conditioner is simply old.

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Not sure how to overcome the financial drain an old air conditioner unit is costing you? You may want to consider replacing your air conditioner unit. There are many benefits to purchasing a new, modern energy efficient air conditioner, the top being saving money. If you need air conditioner repair, tune-ups, or replacement, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule our services today!