Common Summer AC Repairs in Summerlin, NV; Air Conditioner Belt Replacement, Refrigerant Sealer & More

Now that summer is in full swing, Las Vegan desert dwellers are depending on the air conditioning to avoid being melted into the pavement. But like many things that apply to Murphy’s Law, the air conditioner often fritters out when we need it most. With routine maintenance, inspections, and tune-ups, many repairs can be avoided, but like all moving parts, wear and tear occurs, and low quality manufactured air conditioners can experience a lot of repairs. With that in mind, we at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to share the most common summer air conditioning repairs to keep you aware if your unit is performing efficiently.

Common Summer Air Conditioner Repairs

Fan Belt Replacement: Fan belts will eventually wear down over time; a simple replacement is all that is required. Being a small and a common replacement, the belts are generally inexpensive and easy for the technician to get to with a few adjustments, making it quick. Often, when the belt is become unable to perform, whether do to breaking or out stretched, a squeaking sound can be heard from the air conditioning unit, but not always. This inconvenient repair can be avoided with regular maintenance, as during the assessment, the technician will check the condition of the belt and if it is questionable, a replacement is made right then.
Major System Component Replacement: Having a major component fail in the middle of a scorching Vegas summer is nothing no one wants to contend with. Sometimes, the major components can be a challenge to make the precise match and it can also be costly. Not only is the thought of being down an air conditioner, especially if parts need to be ordered does not sound at all ideal, but the added expense is not something most want to deal with. This issue is another problem that can be avoided with professional maintenance service. If any parts look like they are near expiring, a professional can make the arrangements to obtain the right parts before they completely fail; avoiding the discomfort of a warm home.
Refrigerant Leak Sealing: Refrigerant, sometimes referenced as Freon, a type of refrigerant, is a major ingredient in keeping the home cool, without the air conditioner will blow warm air. When the refrigerant has leaked, a simple recharge is not enough. Before the refrigerant can be replaced, the leak needs to be located and sealed. The refrigerant does not get used up like gas in a vehicle; it continually is recycled and designed to last throughout the duration of the air conditioner. A professional will run diagnostic tests to find the leaks in the lines and seal any leaks found.
Condensate Lines Cleaning: Debris and buildup is a common occurrence in the condensate lines ad if they become clogged, a chain reaction is set in motion, which will eventually lead to the air conditioner performing an emergency shutoff. After a comprehensive cleaning, the condensate lines will be free from obstructions allowing the unit to run smoothly.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson, Nevada

As mentioned, many of these repairs and replacements at an inopportune time can be avoided with routine maintenance from your professional and such services minimized. If your air conditioner has not had adequate maintenance performed or is in need of repair, contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning and our experts will get you what you need!