Common Reasons Outside Air Conditioner Condenser Unit Fan is Not Working in Eldorado, NV

When the summer heat kicks in you will want a reliable air conditioning system keeping you cool. Having a cool home isn’t just a luxury but a necessity here in Southern Nevada. With our intense summer heat we can dehydrate and become ill if we are not kept cool. The air conditioner is made of many components that all work together to help keep the home or building cool. If a single component goes out, the entire system fails. One major component is the fan. A central air conditioner has two fans which work to circulate the cool air. When the fans fail the air conditioning system can’t cool the home or building down properly. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share what causes these fans to fail and how to prevent air conditioning failure this summer season.

Failing Air Conditioner Capacitor

The capacitor in the air conditioner stores energy which powers the fans of the air conditioner system. When the capacitor fails, the fans no longer have the power to run. Often the capacitor is the cause of the fan not running. An HVAC technician can determine if the capacitor is at fault.

Bad AC Contactor

The air conditioner contactor is essential. It is an electrical switch that controls the compressor as well as the condenser fan motor. It is common for the contactor switch to wear out over time and eventually break, requiring a need to be replaced. Replacing a contactor is often an easy enough fix. However when the contactor switch fails, the fan motor won’t switch on which is why the fan may not turn.

AC Fan Motor Not Working

The fan motor is essentially what powers and turns the fans in the air conditioning system. The fan motor takes most of the stress when the air conditioner is running. It is very common for the fan motor to wear down or burn out. In most cases the motor burns out due to age and can be replaced easily. However, the fan motor is an expensive component. It is often recommended if you have an old unit that you replace the entire air conditioner instead of just replacing the fan motor.

AC Compressor Broke

There is a belt that spins the fans. This belt can become too loose due to over heating or even breakage. Without the belt the fan motor will run but won’t be able to spin the fan. When a belt becomes too loose or breaks the belt can be easily replaced. Belts typically wear out due to age. Excessive heat can also cause belts to wear down faster.

Outside AC Unit Tripping Breaker

Some people will notice the fan in the condenser isn’t running and assume there is a problem with the air conditioner. However, when the air conditioner unit overheats it will cause the breakers to trip. This shuts off the power to the unit to prevent electrical damages.

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The fans are essential to circulate the cool air throughout the home or building. To prevent fan failure be sure to have the HVAC serviced and maintained. For professional HVAC services, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.