Common Electrical Problems with Central Air Conditioner in Summerlin West, NV; AC Capacitor Does Not Work & More

There are many components to an HVAC system and one of the major components is the electrical system. The HVAC system uses the internal electrical system to provide power to the component within the HVAC system. The exterior electrical system feeds power to the HVAC system directly. When an electrical failure occurs, it can happen internally or externally. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to cover the symptoms and solutions to HVAC electrical failures.

AC Electrical Wiring Problems

One of the most common electrical failures to effect the HVAC system is damage to the wiring. The internal wiring of the air conditioner unit is prone to corrosion and fraying. As these wires are exposed to the outdoor elements they are exposed to moisture which leads to corrosion. During the dry season the outer plastic that protects the internal wiring can also begin to fray. If the internal wiring is damaged, power cannot be supplied to the various components inside the unit. This can cause the fan motor to not run or the fan not to spin.

AC Capacitor Does Not Work

Within an air conditioning system there are a two motors: one is the compressor motor and the second is the fan motor. Both motors use a capacitor which starts and runs the motors. The capacitor is an electrical component that can malfunction from time to time. A capacitor can also age or become damaged. When the capacitors develop problems, the motor may lose all power or it will cut in and out frequently. When the power supply to the motor are unstable, it is often due to a problem with the capacitor.

AC Unit Tripping Breaker

When the air conditioner’s circuit breaker frequently trips, know that this can be a sign of an electrical problem. A breaker trips when there is an overload detected in the circuit. To prevent a fire the breaker trips to cut off power to the circuit line. When a breaker trips this can point to a problem with the external wiring. The wiring could be damaged and or corroded. Sometimes the malfunction is within the breaker itself. If the breaker is old it can become faulty and will trigger frequent trips.

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When there is an electrical failure in the air conditioning system, it will make the cooling system unreliable. The home will become very hot which is the first clue there is a problem with the HVC system. When it sounds like the air conditioner is running but you don’t feel any air flowing through the vents, the blower motor capacitor might have failed. If the fan on the outdoor unit won’t spin the fan motor capacitor needs to be fixed. If there is any sign that the wiring is damaged it will need to be replaced. When electrical problems develop it is essential to seek professional assistance. The electrical system can be very dangerous and it is always best to leave these repairs in the hands of the professionals. For HVAC repairs, inspections and more, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule our services today.