Common Commercial HVAC Problems in Spring Valley, NV; Clogged Filters, Thermostat Not Working & More

The HVAC system in your building does much more than regulate the temperature. If your system isn’t working properly, it can affect the productivity of your employees as well as put their safety at risk. You don’t want to be unknowingly wasting money on high energy bills when these problems can be avoided entirely with the right maintenance programs set in place. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about the most common problems we see in commercial buildings.

Unchanged, Clogged Furnace Filters

When you go too long between filter changes, it can cause problems for your air conditioning unit. Your unit needs proper air flow to work efficiently. When you have a clean filter, the indoor air quality in your building will also be improved by filtering dust and other allergens out of the air. You should be monitoring your filters and changing them quarterly to help your unit run efficiently.

Leaking AC Refrigerant

Without refrigerant, your air conditioning system can’t work. This refrigerant runs through the coils and works to dehumidify and cool the indoor air. If your building feels warm and employees are complaining that it is uncomfortable while your unit is turned on and should be running, it could have a refrigerant leak. If a leak is left without repair for too long it can cause your condenser to overwork and will cause much larger, costly repairs down the road.

Thermostat Not Working

If you are lucky, your discomfort could be a thermostat issue rather than a problem with your actual air conditioning unit. Often, business owners suspect there is a huge issue with their HVAC system only to find their thermostat was having a malfunction of some kind. Your thermostat is responsible for the timing as well as the amount of hot and cold air that is dispersed throughout the building and when it isn’t working right, you will know.

Improper HVAC Air Balancing

The ductwork running through your building is a complex system. The warm or cool air needs to travel through several different ducts to get to certain areas. To help control and regulate this airflow, there is a series of dampers that help control this process. If you notice that certain areas of the building are cooling or heating more than others, there could be a problem with the dampers.

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When you have a regular maintenance program in place, you will find that the HVAC system in your building will run much more efficiently. During these routine maintenance inspections and tune-ups, the experts at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning are able to find any potential problems and resolve them before they become larger, more costly repairs. If it has been a while since your last maintenance inspection for your commercial HVAC system, call us today and our team of experts will ensure your system is running efficiently. Our friendly staff will work around your schedule so there is as little disruption as possible to your business.