Common Central Air Conditioner Problems Prevented By AC Tune Up Maintenance in Sunrise Manor, NV

With outside temperatures on the rise, making sure your home stays cool and comfortable is definitely high on your priority list. The best way to ensure that your AC unit is up to the task of performing at optimal levels during the summer months is to contact your Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning professional to schedule your annual preventative maintenance appointment. Following we will outline how maintenance can help you avoid central air conditioning problems.

Change Air Filter

One of the most common AC issues is a dirty filter. Check your air conditioning manual and follow the manufacturers recommended maintenance on how often your air filter should be replaced. If you are unsure you can perform at quick test at home by checking to see if light will pass through the filter. If the answer is no, your filter needs to be changed before it has a chance to reduce air flow, or worse still cause your air conditioning unit to freeze.

Test AC Thermostat

Your thermostat controls the temperature within your home and if it is giving you problems a couple of things that you should do is check that it is turned on, clean and free of dust, and that the performance is not being affected by sunlight. If you are still having issues with your thermostat it’s probably time to contact your HVAC expert to schedule professional maintenance and repairs.

Check for Refrigerant Leaks

During your regular scheduled maintenance your air conditioning specialist will check the refrigerant pressure, locate the leak and perform repairs. Once the repairs are complete your system will be recharged and your unit will cool your home to the correct temperature.

Clean Condenser & Evaporator AC Coils

One of the most common coil problems is a dirty condenser coil or a frozen evaporator coil. A dirty condenser will make your AC run much less efficiently causing your power bill to rise. Problems with your coils can also age your equipment prematurely often resulting in your equipment needing to be replaced long before its time. Your HVAC professional will clean the coils and run checks to ensure your system is functioning at optimal performance levels.

AC Fan Service

While one fan is responsible for circulating warm indoor air across your evaporator coil for cooling, your other fan is responsible for blowing warm air outside. Some of the most common problems that result in faulty fans are lack of lubrication, dirt buildup, and worn down belts. When your fan stops functioning properly it can cause your compressor to fail resulting in expensive repairs. The good news is that many fan issues can be prevented with regular maintenance performed during the spring to prepare your unit for the summer heat.

Clear AC Drain Line

If the condensation drain attached to your cooling system is stopped up, or if you drain pan overflows the excess water can back up and cause damage to your ac unit. Water damage will not only affect the performance of your unit it can also lead to expensive repairs or replacement, damage furniture, walls, ceilings, and even the structure of your home leaving a trail of mold in its wake which can affect the health of your family

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Summer is already here so before temperatures begin to really soar; contact the knowledgeable experts at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more about HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation for your Las Vegas, Nevada home or business.