Common Central AC Problems in Enterprise, NV; Bad Capacitor, Leaking Air Conditioner, Low Coolant & More

With temperatures rising and the long hot days of summer looming ahead the last thing you need is a malfunctioning air conditioning unit. Your HVAC unit is a complex piece of machinery and just like any other piece of machinery it can experience issues from time to time. Learning how to identify them and when to call your Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning expert can save you your valuable time and hard earned money.

Bad AC Capacitor

Your capacitor is located in the middle of your condenser and its primary function is to keep the motors of your AC unit running smoothly. Depending on the age and condition of your unit it may need to be replaced. Signs your capacitor is not working properly include your AC turning off, failing to blow cool air, and unusually loud noises. Maintaining your condenser filters with yearly servicing and regular cleaning will extend the life of the capacitor and keep your unit running smoothly year round.

Leaking Air Conditioner

One of the most common causes of a leaking AC unit is a blocked condensate drain. Your system is designed to remove the condensation but when the drain is blocked the water will back up putting pressure on the hose and potentially causing a leak. While your system will still work and keep your home cool, the water can cause damage to flooring and walls leaving you with an expensive repair or replacement bill.

Low Coolant in Air Conditioner

Unlike the oil in your car, your air-conditioning unit should not run low on coolant and need topping up. If the Freon levels in your system are low you probably have a leak. Signs of low Freon levels include warm air blowing out of your AC or your system struggling to keep up. Your Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning professional will be able to run a diagnostic test to locate the leak, repair it and add Freon to your unit.

AC Tripping Breaker

One of the most common air conditioning issues experienced by home owners is an electrical issue that causes the breaker to trip when you turn your AC on. Nine out of ten times this is the result of a grounded compressor. Contact your Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning technician immediately for repairs or replacement. Do not reset the breaker as this can lead to an overloaded circuit which could catch fire.

Malfunctioning AC & Furnace Control Board

If your air conditioning unit is acting on its own, for example changing temperature settings, turning itself on and off and other things that you haven’t programmed it to do, there is a good chance that your control board is malfunctioning. A malfunctioning or broken control board will require repairs or replacement.

Air Conditioner Wires Exposed & Damaged Connections

Over a period of time the connections inside your unit can become brittle and even disintegrate. If your ac unit is a few years old and you are experiencing issues, make arrangements to have your unit inspected and fully serviced. Regular maintenance will prolong the life of your unit and keep it working optimally saving you time and money.

Dirty AC Condenser Coil

One of the most important components of your ac unit is the condenser. When working correctly, your condenser will condense the coolant allowing the heat to be removed from the air leaving you with the desired cooling effect. When your condenser coil is dirty it places a layer between your refrigerant and the air which effects the cooling process making it less efficient and placing an unnecessary strain on your unit. Signs of a dirty condenser coil including higher power bills and a less efficient system. It can also take years off the lifespan of your AC unit resulting in premature and costly replacement.

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Many of these issues can be avoided with a regular maintenance plan. To learn more about AC inspections, maintenance, repairs, and new installations contact the knowledgeable experts at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.