Common Central AC Mistakes in Rhodes Ranch, NV; Lack of Maintenance, Using Old Thermostat & More

As we begin to depend more and more on our air conditioning to keep our home livable, often homeowners will make some of the same common mistakes that can actually cause premature damage to the air conditioner. When running the air conditioning in a home, the homeowner will assume they set their thermostat to its optimal setting and that’s the end of that. However, that is not the case. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share some of the common mistakes made that can lead to premature damage to the air conditioner. There are some air conditioning mistakes that can cause additional stress to your air conditioning system. Many of these mistakes can be avoided if you are made aware of them. To help ensure your air conditioner is running at its full potential, it is important to avoid making certain mistakes.

Using an Old Thermostat Cost You Money in Heating & Cooling Costs

One of the first and most common mistakes made is using an old thermostat. Old thermostats are not nearly as efficient as modern thermostats. Modern thermostats, even basic ones, can have a weekly schedule with their timers that can be set to adjust the temperature automatically. Keeping the home set to the same setting throughout the day can cause additional stress and wear and tear to the air conditioning. During time when the home is empty, the thermostat setting can be set to a slightly higher temperature to help take some pressure off the air conditioner. If the home has people present all day, you can adjust the night time setting to a higher temperature as the night time is less intense and the temperature doesn’t need to be set super low.

Don’t Neglect AC Maintenance

Not maintaining your cooling system is another major mistake made by homeowners. There are a number of basic maintenance steps that are needed to ensure that your air conditioner doesn’t develop problems. One is changing your air filters. Changing the air filters is essential. A dirty air filter can cause a ton of problems. many of which can cause severe damages. Make sure to keep the air filters changed. Many homeowners don’t see the value in having the air conditioner tuned up and having yearly maintenance. Air conditioners do much better with once a year tune-ups, they last longer and develop far less problems than those that are neglected. Make sure to have your air conditioner maintained each year by hiring an HVAC professional.

Ceiling Fans Help with Heating & Air Conditioning Costs

Another mistake is not using the home’s ceiling fans. Many homeowners see ceiling fans as an additional drain on their power bill. This, however, is not true. Ceiling fans can help keep the inside of home a few degrees cooler. This step helps reduce stress on the air conditioner. Additionally, the cost of running a ceiling fan is very inexpensive. If your home has ceiling fans turn them on in the area you occupy, and your air conditioner will thank you in the end.

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As a homeowner, avoid making these common mistakes that can lead to premature damage to your home’s cooling system. For quality HVAC services contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.