Common Causes of Furnace Short Cycling in Las Vegas, NV; Faulty Flame Sensor & More

When your home’s heating system is short cycling this often points to a problem. A short cycle is when the furnace will run briefly but then quickly shut off before it can finish a heating cycle. Short cycling often leaves the home feeling cold and your furnace will continue to try and heat the home only to quickly shut off again. Even a properly sized furnace will develop short cycling problems. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share some of the common causes for short cycling and when to seek out a professional HVAC repair service.

Dirty Air Filter

One of the reasons why a furnace will short cycle is when the air filters are dirty. When you first notice short cycling problems, first go check your air filters. See if they need to be changed out. When the air filters become so impacted with dust and other particles, it restricts the air flow. This air flow restriction can lead to overheating. When the furnace internal sensor detects the unit overheating, it will force the furnace to stop and turn off. When your furnace develops short cycling behavior, check the air filters and change them out. Wait awhile before turning the furnace back on so it has time to cool down.

Blocked Flue or Ventilation Pipe

Gas, oil and propane fueled furnaces will develop harmful gases such as carbon monoxide which is toxic. To ensure the safety of the household, the gases produced by the furnace is ventilated outside through the flue or venting system. It is very important that the flue or exhaust vent is open and remains clean. Sometimes a bird will nest inside or on top of the vent, an animal died inside it, or other types of obstruction is blocking the flue or vent. If the flue limiter is detecting a buildup of gases, it will turn the furnace off to prevent any possible exposure to the harmful gases. To restore your heating system, sometimes the flue needs to be cleaned. When the flue or exhaust needs to be cleaned out, you will want to seek a professional HVAC service.

Faulty Flame Sensor

Another part of a furnace is the flame sensor. The flame sensor is another part of the furnace’s safety system. Its job is to detect the flame from the pilot light. If the flame goes out you will have gas building up inside the furnace. Needless to say, that is very dangerous and could lead to an explosion or exposure to gas. If the flame sensor develops corrosion or is dirty, it will not work properly and can cause short cycling problems. Often the flame sensor needs to be cleaned or replaced. It is highly recommended that you have an HVAC technician evaluate and repair a flame senor.

Damaged Hot Surface Igniter

Another but common problem that can cause short cycling, is a damaged hot surface igniter. A hot surface igniter is a component that is designed to get very hot and ignite the gas that heats the burners. If the hot surface igniter is damaged, it will prevent the furnace from completing a cycle. To evaluate and repair a hot surface igniter, you will need to contact an HVAC service.

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