Common Air Flow Problems in Peccole Ranch, NV; Poor Ductwork Design or Insulation, Leaks, Duct Twist & More

You air duct system is essential as it circulates the conditioned air throughout your home. Much depends on the air duct system such as proper air circulation, efficiency and comfort. If the air duct system encounters problems your entire home comfort suffers along with your power bill. Regardless of the cold winter season or the heat of summer you will want to ensure your air duct system is properly installed and maintained. There are about five common problems encountered by many residential air duct systems. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will explain these common air duct problems that require correcting.

Ductwork & Air Flow Troubleshooting

Poor Design – Often air ducts are installed with poor design either due to structural interference or poor planning. One major flaw in air duct design is when the air duct extends too long. The longer the run, the less efficiency you will have. The more space for the air to have to move through, the hard the blower will have to work and in most cases the air is still as cool or hot when it finally reaches its distention.
Poor Airflow – In many cases, homes have inadequate air flow, typically due to insufficient return or supply ducts. When there isn’t proper air supply, the heating or cooling systems must work harder and longer to reach the desired settings. When there isn’t proper air flow, it increases your power bill and takes longer–if at all–to make your home comfortable.
Air Duct Twist – some home air duct systems use black or gray flexible ductwork. These flexible air duct materials work well for multi-storied homes or homes with many rooms. Sometimes the flexible ductwork material is hung with a twist or kink in it. This affects the air flow greatly. When air pushes through the air duct system, it doesn’t flow naturally with every turn and most especially, sharp turns. The air hits the edge before it flows to turning points. Again, this increases power usage which increases costs.
Air Leaks – Air ducts can separate at the seams and cause leaks. Sometimes pests can chew holes in air ducts. Regardless as to how leaks occur, they are a common problem. When the air ducts have leaks your conditioned air flows out of the air duct and you’re losing some of the costly air. Leaks can easily be repaired. However, air ducts need to be regularly inspected to discover leaks as they occur.
Poor Insulation – Air ducts should be insulated, especially the flexible types of air ducts. Without it, you can be wasting hundreds of dollar each year. Regardless of the season and whether you’re using the air conditioner or furnace, the conditioned air travels through the air duct system. If it is not properly insulated, the air inside the air changes cannot properly condition the rest of the home.

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The air duct is the circulatory system of the home and it needs to be maintained and repaired. Additionally, these common problems found in air duct systems need to be corrected to improve the home’s efficiency. If you need your air duct system inspected, cleaned, or repaired, Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning can help. For all of your HVAC needs contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.