Common A/C Mistakes in Las Vegas NV; Running Air Conditioning with Window Open, Not Changing Filters, Wrong A/C Unit Size

This time of year most homeowners begin to forget just how important their air conditioner is due to the cool weather that is outside. It is not until the heat arrives that homeowners quickly remember how much they rely on their air conditioning unit to keep their home cool and comfortable. The summers bring extreme heat that can sometimes feel inescapable. Providing you keep your windows closed and your air conditioner is running optimally, your home will be a place of refuge from the 100 degree temperatures that visit us every summer. It is important to keep your air conditioning unit well taken care of, even when you are not using it that often, so when it is time for it to work hard, it will be ready.

How Often do You Need to Change Air Filter?

Many homeowners forget how important the air filter for their air conditioning unit is. Your air filter should be replaced every few months to ensure that your unit is working at its best. Many people forget to replace their filter or believe that it is not that important, but your air conditioning unit will last much longer when you regularly replace the air filter. A filter is designed to keep the dirt and dust floating from not going through the air conditioning unit itself but into your home. When you routinely replace your air filter you will keep your home much cleaner and your air conditioning unit will last much longer.

What Size Central Air Conditioner Do I Need?

One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make when purchasing a new air conditioning unit is choosing one that is not the appropriate size for their house. Some homeowners believe the bigger the unit, the better it will cool their home, but this is not true at all. A larger unit will cool your house quickly, but it will constantly be shutting off and on costing you more on your power bill. Choosing a unit that is too small for your home will result in the unit being quickly burned out and leaving you with no choice but to purchase another new unit.

Always Hire a Professional Air Conditioning Contractor

Many homeowners believe they can accomplish any task when it comes to repair or even new installation. While a surety of yourself is a good attribute to have, it can do you no good when you have no idea what it is you are doing. Installing a new air conditioning unit properly requires the skill and experience of a professional air conditioning technician. A professional is familiar with all of the settings, installation process and other aspects of installing a new air conditioning unit. Leave the heavy work to the professionals and it will save you time and money in the long run.

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