Closing Off Air Vents Does Not Help Warm Other Rooms or Lower Heating Costs in The Lakes, NV

No one wants to be paying more to heat their home than needed. In fact, homeowners will often go to far lengths to avoid this. Sometimes, people think that they can just close the vents in rooms that they aren’t using on a regular basis in an effort to cut their heating costs. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about why that may not be the best solution to your money saving problem.

Why Closing Off Air Vents in Your Home is a Bad Idea

While it may be tempting to close your vents in an effort to save money on heating costs, it isn’t going to give you the results you are looking for. In fact, it will actually make your home colder when you do that. The thermostat in your home doesn’t detect the temperature of your home based on each room individually. So even if one room is cooler, your thermostat will still have the furnace kick on to heat the rest of the house which will likely be colder because of those closed vents. Another thing to consider is the added pressure that closed vents places on the system. This can cause the furnace to have to work harder than normal and you could end up causing damage to your heating system rather than save any money.

How to Lower Your Energy Bills in the Winter

Since it is savings you are looking for when you close vents in your home, it is important to explore other ways that you can get the energy saving benefits you are looking for. Following are some ideas to help you cut the cost for heating your home every winter.
– Check for Air Leaks: Cold air can leak into your home a number of ways. The first place to check is your doors and windows. This is especially true if you live in an older house.
– Replace Worn Weather Stripping: The weather stripping on your doors starts to wear out and break down after several years. This may be why your home feels drafty. Replacing the weather stripping is an easy thing to do and you could see big savings.
– Caulking Around Doors & Windows: There is caulking around your doors and windows that can start to break down over time as well. If you notice any cracks, caulking is cheap and you can easily fix this problem.
– Clockwise Ceiling Fan Direction: You should change the direction of your ceiling fans in the winter to help keep the warm air from pooling at your ceiling. Turning the fan clockwise will help you with this issue.

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Another great way to cut the cost on your energy bill is to have a furnace that is tuned up on a regular basis. You can count on the experts at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to keep your furnace working as efficiently as possible this winter. Call us today!